Sunday, 27 April 2008

Crafting Small

It started when I was sorting out my jewellery drawer and found lots of empty jewellery gift boxes. I was going to throw them out but then had second thoughts, the same day I came across these tiny glass jars. All set for some small scale crafting.

The first set I made using vintage wallpaper, from some small pieces I had I used two co-ordinating designs plus tiny flowers and tiny braid trim.

I used a scrap of vintage french fabric for this ring box and bottle, embellished with tiny flowers and ribbon.

Four small pearl beads became tiny feet on the box, I think it looks like a miniature footstool.

The bottles are about 5cm tall, this picture shows the scale.

These two boxes are a bit bigger (6 x 8cm)

The blue box again uses vintage wallpaper plus I made a ribbon ruffle and flower trim in one corner.

I covered the other box with a ticking style cotton, stuck a cigarette card on the top and trimmed with lace and mini ric-rac braid. A small red button finishing touch.

I had this tiny photo frame which had lost its embellishment, I covered it with tiny flowers, stamens and jewels. You wouldn't think it was the same frame.

Another ring box is covered with vintage wallpaper and lace with flowers, stamens and rhinestones in a cake-like concoction on the top.

There are advantages to small-scale crafting:

You can finish an item relatively quickly,
You don't need a lot of space to work in,
You don't need a lot of materials, you can use small amounts and scraps,
You don't need a lot of space to display them.

Now I just need to get a small-scale shelf to put them on!

Hope you were all able to benefit from the fine weather this weekend in the UK. I spent the whole of Saturday gardening (and am still walking straight today!) plus went to 3 car boot sales this morning. I bought a few bits, I'll show them next time.

Have a good week,
Lucy x


  1. What beautiful things you've made. I am amazed at the detail you have on these small items. Every one is lovely.

    We had beautiful weather here this weekend, too. We went to the farmer's market yesterday, and it was more crowded than any other time I have been. But, I got some great geraniums. Now, I just need to get them potted.

  2. seem to have a talent to make beautiful things out of anything!!

  3. Amazing, Lucy! I wish I had the patience for small-scale and fiddly,but sadly I don't!

    Are you still planning on coming to the Giant Fleat at Shepton on Sunday?

    Sue x

  4. Soooo Sweet, I love your tiny treasures and that frame is just gorgeous!!! OK am truly inspired now...might just go and make a cup of tea first whilst I ponder on the little bitty things I have got to jazz up. Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  5. They are so lovely. I have got several jewellery boxes that need tarting up - I may have to have a go now you've inspired me. I love the beads as little feet - great idea.
    Cathy XX

  6. Such great little ideas!

    I managed to get to 2 boot sales yesterday before the rain started!

    Victoria x

  7. They are so pretty!
    It rained here most of the weekend and we had a thunderstorm last night. Got up and out at seven a.m yesterday for a boot sale but it wasn't on!

  8. Fab ideas, I'm always wondering what to do with boxes, they always seem too good to just throw away. Thanks for the hints!
    Julia x

  9. Love the little bottles, you must have a lot of patience. Fi x

  10. You are so clever, they look gorgeous!

  11. Hi Lucy.
    You make the sweetest things, so delicate and pretty. I just love it all. We have had much needed rain here all weekend, so even though we were unable to work in the garden all of us gardeners are very happy! I just love this time of year, don't you?
    Happy gardening
    Hugs, Rhondi

  12. You are so clever! And so patient. Little tiny projects just make me nuts.

  13. Ohhhh these are so pretty and so dainty...I love all the attention to details...makes me want to go look thru the house and the craft closet and see what I can find! lol Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful post! Have a great week friend!

  14. Beautiful crafts as ever Lucy...
    Now I would love to know where everyone finds their vintage wallpaper.. I love it and as yet it has been very elusive .. to me!
    The little embellished picture frame is gorgeous... just my cup of tea... clever you!


  15. Thanks for reminding us that you can craft on a small scale. This would suit me as I haven't anywhere to craft on a large one! You really do have some lovely ideas, I especially like the transformation of the photo frame. You could personalise those jewellery boxes for presents couldn't you. I really must make a start on getting together a crafting box of bits 'n bobs. x

  16. You are so clever! They all look adorable.

  17. Hi Lucy,
    Oh my.... every thing is just so pretty and the colors perfect,you really are very clever.
    We managed to get in the garden was lovely.
    Hope your smiling.
    Love Kristina XxX

  18. What beautiful things're so creative!
    Margaret and Noreen

  19. Hi lucy, your pretty crafts make me think back to a very feminine era - nostalgic.
    Carol xx

  20. Hi Lucy, I just love the little bottles, they are so sweet. I always admire people who can work on small detailed projects. I seem to acquire fat finger syndrome whenever I try to work on petite projects.
    Chat soon, Liz

  21. Totally gorgeous! You are very clever! Sal;-)

  22. So,so pretty! you must have the patience of a saint!(I just love that little frame)

  23. They are all so pretty Lucy, wonderful ideas as usual!

  24. Oh, Lucy do have a way about crafting such lovely things...very talented, indeed....
    hugs, bj

  25. Oh those are gorgeous! I love the picture frame.


  26. P.s you've won the PIF over on my blog!


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