Saturday, 2 August 2008

Hello, I must be going!

Just popped in to say hello, I'm still here, but Mr. Bloom and I are taking our annual leave so I'm extending my blogging break for another couple of weeks. The DIY is progressing but the house is still in chaos and we need to concentrate on that so we have some livable space. Though we are squeezing in another mini-break - Sussex this time, a part of the country I haven't seen a lot of, so I'm very much looking forward to it.

I haven't got any crafting to show but I hate to post without pics so here are a few things I've acquired recently.

Two pretty tin canisters:

A perfectly preserved rose in a paperweight.

This gorgeous cottage print called 'A glimpse of the lake'. I have just the place for it but I'm on the hunt for a frame first. Mr. Bloom isn't keen, says it's a bit too chocolate boxy - but that's exactly why I love it. Don't you agree?

This vintage coffee grinder - I was most amazed when Mr. Bloom didn't object and even agreed it could go up in the kitchen - which it has. It won't get used as we don't drink much coffee, but I'm sure I'll find something small I can store in the little glass container.

An adorably shabby Italian angel

So it hasn't been all work and no play - but mostly work!

This little gathering of vintage goodness is being put away for a very special event later this year. You've probably read about it on other blogs by now. I'm very excited to be taking part and it will involve lots of making too, but I'm saving it till next time to tell you all about it.

I would like to say a big thank you for all the comments on my last post - I will get back to everyone after my break, and the awards too, which I'll also show next time.

Must go now, missing you already!

Lucy x


  1. I don't drink much coffee either, but that coffe grinder is lovely. Have a lovely holiday.

  2. What a haul!!
    Lucky girl!! I love the coffee grinder!!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Wow, so much Vintage prettiness!
    Love them all!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Kisses Kisses

  4. Lot's of vintage loveliness!!!

    Have a great break,

    Victoria xx

  5. Hi Lucy enjoy your little holiday! I looovvee the cottage print and yes chocolate boxy is OK with me too...Your little collection of pretties looks wonderful and if I win the lottery I shall be flying across the ocean to attend that event in sounds wonderful! Keep your fingers crossed, that my numbers come up...hmmm better choose the numbers first I suppose!!
    My gorgeous PIF arrived Friday ( see I claimed it!) and I love all the pretty goodies, will post about and PIF later. Thanks SO much, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  6. Hope you have a great break and come back with some lovely treasures to show us! ;-)

  7. I'm very happy to read that it isn't all work and no play. We all need to play some.

    Love that coffee grinder. I don't believe I've ever seen one like it.

    Have fun in Sussex.

  8. Hi Lucy!! Have fun on your break!! I would LOVE to visit England someday. I adore the old architecture and the green countryside!! Lovely new goodies you've found! I'm not sure what the event you are hinting about is, but I cant' wait to hear!!

  9. Love the cottage print! You have gathered some lovely goodies whilst you have been on your break, wish I lived near enough to attend the November event, but look forward to hearing about it from everyone, enjoy your trip. Sue x

  10. ooh! I'm drooling over the vintage goodies already! Enjoy your break!

  11. Enjoy your break. I love the coffee grinder too.

  12. Hi Lucy,
    I really would love that picture.
    Your tin's are great too,they are something i am starting
    to collect, they have been everywhere i seem to be lately.
    So pretty.
    Have a wonderful break.

  13. I really like the coffee grinder, that would be up in my kitchen too, and more lovely finds, as ever. There are some beautiful places to visit in Sussex, I hope you discover them. Of course, I am biased, as I am Sussex born and bred, through and through. x

  14. Have fun, dear Lucy Bloom, with your Mr. Bloom, on vacation!
    I am totally in love with that vintage coffee grinder!
    love, bj

  15. Hi Lucy! Was wondering where you've been! Glad you are well! Love that cottage "chocolate look"lol Will be beautiful framed! Those cottages are my absolute favorite and wish I could live in one! Enjoy your days. Just wanted to say Hi! Sincerely, Jeannette

  16. Very pretty finds! Have a lovely break.
    Margaret and Noreen

  17. So manuy lovely things there! I will have to try and save some spare cash for Nov! I will want to buy buy buy too!
    Carol xx

  18. That coffee grinder is gorgeous! It looks fabulous. I love your haul and the vintage collection you have.
    I have no idea what is happening later in the year :/
    I posted your gifts on my blog! Thank you again.
    Have a lovely time with Mr Bloom!

  19. Please pop over to my blog to collect an award (it's like the Olympics!)

  20. Have a lovely holiday Lucy and I just love all your goodies, especially that gorgeous picture, you can never be too chocolate boxy for me! Jackie Mx

  21. Lucy,

    I do love how you Brits write. "[T]oo chocolate boxy . . ." is just the best. Have a cheery holiday. We can't wait to see what you've picked up when you get back.~~Dee

  22. I just had to add you to my blog site as a favorite. I have had far too much fun perusing all the lovely treasures.


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