Saturday 27 April 2013

How not to dry roses

Of course I love fresh roses, but it always seems a shame once they've wilted and I try to dry them whenever I can.  These are drying on the radiator (suitably covered and with props!)
It's not the recommended way to dry them (I think hanging upside down in a dry, warm and dark place give greater success).  However, these were in an arrangement I had been given which I forgot to water.  They had already started to crisp up so just needed finishing off.

I was surprised they dried so well, I don't usually have success with paler colours.  Drying them is one thing, but then what to do with them.  Usually I snap the heads off and put them in a jar "for future use".  Not having a jar to hand, I popped them into the paper roll.
I rather like how they look there.  The vintage toilet paper is not "for future use"!


  1. the final effect is very pretty!! ( i have never come across vintage toilet paper)Sue x

  2. If they dry pretty,I just keep them in a vase; if not,I take them apart and put the petals in a jar for potpourri.


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