Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Mini-Break (and PIF result)

As well as our Shropshire mini-break, I seem to have taken an unplanned blogger mini-break as well, don't know where the last 2 weeks have gone!
Almost old news now but Mr. Bloom and I had a few days away during Bank Holiday week, a bit of a tour really.

Day 1 we stopped in Ross-on-Wye on our way to our first stop - Hereford. Half a day in each, just wandering around the shops, and a visit to Hereford Cathedral. This is worth a visit, it holds the Mappa Mundi - a map of the world as interpreted by scholars in the 13th Century.

Day 2 on to Shrewsbury, stopping in Leominster on the way - it's been mentioned on other blogs before, but Leominster is fantastic for lovely antique shops, a real paradise for vintage-lovers. I could have spent the day there but didn't, we went on to Shrewsbury for the afternoon and overnight stay. Shrewsbury is lovely, lots of old Tudor buildings, but a nightmare one-way system in the town centre, we missed our turn for the car park and it took us 20 minutes to get round again, being lunchtime didn't help. Shrewsbury has lots of charity shops, so many that I didn't manage to get round them all before the shops closed - a good excuse for another visit then!

Day 3 - homeward via Ludlow, Leominster again (a change of mind about something I hadn't bought, fortunately it was still there!) then a final short stop in Newent, though we didn't have enough time to visit the Shambles Museum, before heading home.

p.s the pics are all from Shrewsbury apart from the first one which is Hereford Cathedral. I didn't notice a smudge on my camera lens which ruined a lot of my pics - plus I was busy shopping most of the time anyway!

Thought you might like to see where we stayed (Mr. Bloom takes me to all the best establishments ;-)).

Well, actually it was my idea, for those you haven't heard of Travelodge, they are a budget motel chain, usually located roadside or in town centres. We use them quite often, they are very basic but if you book in advance you can get a room for £29 per night (or £19 in sale time), about half the cost of a regular B&B and much cheaper than hotels. Breakfast is extra, but we don't bother and find somewhere nicer to eat.

The accomodation is nothing fancy but percectly acceptable (if you don't mind orange walls!) for an overnight stay. Some are better than others. I go online to see what's available, that's how we ended up going where we did.

So, on to my shopping. I picked up a few nice things, not the huge haul I usually manage to bring home, but I have to start considering where I'm going to put it all, so some self-restraint was necessary.

I was thrilled to find this vintage chocolate box drawers. I'd been on the lookout for one like this for ever, but they are rarely found, even less so in my price range (£single figures).

Another vintage box full of sewing bits and bobs

Someone went to a lot of effort to crochet this pretty pinny and trim with lace - too nice to use I think, though a stain shows it was, hope it will wash out!

Some millinery flowers, the pink peony is just divine.

A lovely chunky pressed blue glass cake dish.

A vintage Laura Ashley catalogue from 1984. It's hard to find the older ones of her catalogue now, I used to have quite a collection of them but let it go some years ago (drat!)

It's quite recent to be vintage and some of the pictures and furnishings still just look dated (to me) but there were a couple of pretty interiors which I wouldn't mind in my house.

Now that there's some colour in the garden it's so nice to be able to pick a few flowers to bring indoors. This little posy is currently brightening up my telephone table in the hall.

My PIF I posted about last time is now closed, congratulations to Laura and Linda Lilly Cottage and Sue in Chester who will be receiving something from me sometime hopefully soon. Please email me your postal addresses ladies and any colour likes/dislikes.

I'm painting our utility room today and I think the paint must be ready for it's second coat so I'd best get back to that now. Hope all's well in your corner of the world!

Lucy x


  1. my, my what a lovely weekend with the added bonus of lots of shops to trawl through. Love the chocolate drawers. Great idea to use the travelodge as it leaves a few more pennies for shopping!! Anyway I too am painting today so must dash

    love jules x

  2. Lucy, I loved seeing the pictures from you getaway, and your beautiful country. I hope to be able to visit there one day.

    Your telephone table looks so charming and inviting. I wouldn't mind sitting there to chat on the phone.

    You really found great things. Love that box.

  3. I really like Shropshire.We've had a few breaks there in the past.
    I love your goodies too!

  4. Hi Lucy,
    What a brill break...I love Shrewsbury, a great mix of charity shops and gift shops. I'm drooling over your sewing stuff.
    Margaret and Noreen

  5. Lucy, your trip is an Anglophile's dream. Glad you had a wonderful time.~~Dee

  6. Hi Lovely Lucy, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures yet again, I love your mini breaks though it does make me want to be there to go shopping and drink tea!
    Wow I won? I never win anything, maybe my luck is turning, woohoo, I will send you my details and start planning my own....hmmm wonder if anyone would like a cigar box....only joking...kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  7. Lovely pictures Lucy...and great finds too.
    A big thank you for your beautifully made little box - perfect for my bedroom.
    Shrewsbury is on my list of places to visit!
    Carol x

  8. Congratulations on find those beautiful drawers... it's great when you have something in mind you'd like and find it for the right price!

    Victoria xx

  9. Lovely finds Lucy, you found some great goodies as usual. they're all so pretty. I'd love to visit Hereford one day, thanks for all the photos. Good luck with the utility room

  10. What a lovely post. Thanks for the tip about Travelodge!

  11. How lovely to get a few days away. We've never been to Leominster or Ludlow and I'd love to get to both. Maybe one day ...

    Glad you like the photos. It was great fun to do.

    Just in case you feel the need to visit the Shepton Flea market again, they're putting on an extra one on 13 July. Let me know if you decide to come!

    Sue x

  12. Hi Lucy,
    A lovely post - you're so lucky to have found everything open at Leominster and Ludlow - last time I went on a Bank Holiday they were ghost towns with everything closed.
    You found some great stuff - lucky you!
    I have the same chocolate box drawers - mine were 50p from a car boot sale MANY years ago.....

    Good luck with the painting,

  13. Adore what you did with the CD unit. It was totally transformed. Teddy puts me to shame with his nimble moves. I am going to have to get back into pilates if a teddy can get his leg higher.

  14. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely break. I used to work in Shrewsbury many years ago. It really is a lovely place although I'm not sure I appreciated it at the time as I commuted there from Liverpool every day. Bonkers I know! I just love the pretty chocolate box drawers you found. I've also been looking for one of ages.

  15. I always enjoy a short break and I like the area you stayed in. I have got some photos of us visiting The Shambles in Newent. The chocolate box is so pretty and it looks in very good condition. There are still quite a few lovely items there considering you showed restraint! Did Mr Bloom buy anything? x

  16. hi Lucy..the shambles is a great place isn't it,such a shame they are closing it down..wonder what will happen to it all?
    Its funny, I have some old Laura Ashley catalogues and books too and they have really dated..even the more recent ones have too..you dont really notice the yearly subtle changes in interior tastes until you go back through them!
    Like everyone else I have chocolate drawer envy..how beautiful are they!!

  17. Gorgeous finds Lucy, love those chocolate box drawers! Glad you enjoyed your mini break, a lovely part of the world. I love the new layout and banner, it looks really good.

    Jackie Mx


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