Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Piffed and Made Over

I mentioned last time that I had won a PIF from Jennie at Falling Down the Rabbit Hole. My prize was this darling teddy, full of detail, that lovely and talented Jennie had made. I also got a packet of cute pastel coloured buttons and a bar of Turkish Delight - no need to tell you what happened to that!

Ted immediately made himself at home and started limbering up...

Turns out he's quite the acrobat!

Thank you Jennie, he's quite adorable!

Not sure if everyone knows about PIFs - it stands for Pay It Forward, you win some goodies and you then hold your own PIF and send goodies onto someone else. So to continue the PIF which states that I must sent PIFs to 3 other people (I am bending the rules slightly):

1. Anyone, anywhere can enter - non-bloggers too.
2. I will pick 3 winners randomly - 2 bloggers and one non-blogger.
3. Blogging winners are to hold their own PIF and I ask only that you choose one winner. (You can of course choose more if you wish, but that can be quite a commitment and I wouldn't want anyone not to enter for that reason).
4. The prize you send can be anything you choose, big or small, handmade or not.

I don't know what I will send yet, I think I'll keep that as a surprise, but it will include something made by me. If you would like to enter just leave a comment on this post. If you are a non-blogger please indicate with the letters NB at the start of your comment so I can do a separate draw. I won't assume that you want to enter the PIF, so if you do, please indicate so in your comment. I will close the PIF at 7pm on Sunday 15th June.

I thought you might like to see this makeover I did this week. It's one of those CD storage units, originally wicker and black metal. I don't use it for CDs any more, but it's handy for storage of bits and bobs. I had sprayed it cream some time ago, but wasn't happy about the contents being on view, plus it looked rather boring.

I toyed with the idea of making little curtains, then I thought about drawers, but the prospect of making 4 of them rather put me off. In the end I opted for flaps, which actually look like drawers but much easier to make.

I cut the flaps from mounting card and covered them in fabric (Laura Ashley's Arundel, one of my favourites). I left the bottom strip of fabric free, which would be attached to the shelf. I lined the inside of the flaps with wallpaper and added a ribbon loop to use as a handle.

The extra strip of fabric was glued to the bottom of the shelves, and to finish off I lined them with more covered card cut to size.

I cut the flaps just slightly wider than the shelf openings so that they 'wedge' in place and don't fall out. It only took about an hour to do. I think it looks much prettier now and no-one has to see the mess inside!

I'll be off now, hope you're having a good week so far.
Lucy x


  1. What a great idea - it looks lovely.
    Cathy X

  2. Hehe glad he's made himself at home!! He looks lovely there!
    I'll sit the PIF out if you don't mind. I only just managed those ones!! The drawers look fabulous.

  3. Cute teddy!!!

    Love what you did with those draws too!!!

    Victoria xx

  4. This is so precious. You do have the best ideas, ever!
    Oh...and my best to MR. Bloom, if you will
    hugs, bj

  5. Lucy Bloom, you always amaze me with the lovely things you create. I just love the flap idea, and your little shelf looks beautiful.

    Your bear is darling, and he is in excellent physical condition.

  6. Truly, you come up with the most amazing makeover projects, it looks fantastic! Teddy is quite flexible isn't it, unlike my gorgeous self, sometimes standing is an activity all of it's own!!
    I would love to enter in your PIF please lovely Lucy, it sounds just lovely!! have a scrumptious day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  7. Very clever, and it turned out beautifully! I love the fabric you chose, so romantic! Wish I was as flexible as teddy LOL

  8. What a fantastic idea! This is exactly the kind of information I was hoping to get from blogging!!! Fun stuff not the serious whining type commentaries!! I can't wait to try this in my craft room to cover up those unsightly plastic storage boxes on the shelves! I made several cloth bunnies dressed in pretty dresses and then I thought I wanted to go contemporary and got rid of them! I think "teddy" may have inspired me to make another bunny! - Have a great day - Jeannette (one more thing -thanks for stopping by)

  9. nb.Oh how I laughed at the teddy pics! Love what you have done with the cd rack..brilliant idea and very effective. I would love to be included in the draw Lucy

  10. Loved what you did the the wicker cd shelfs. Just beautiful and soooo clever!

  11. How clever of you :-) I bought the cartonnage kit book on your recommendation too, it's stuffed full of great ideas so thank you for that x

  12. Hello Lucy..
    What a giggle .. how I wish I was as supple as Ted.
    You have such a creative mind.. I wish we could swap places sometimes.. I could do with some inspiration.
    Please could you excuse me from the PIF.. I hate to be a party pooper but I have so little spare time .. I will however enjoy seeing the outcome of yours..

  13. HI Lucy, he is such a beautiful Ted.
    Well, what a brilliant idea! I have one of those redundant CD stands in the loft! I think you have made a good job of your conversion, love the fabric {"_"}
    Carol x

  14. Love your drawers Lucy!!!! Such a good idea and that fabric is one of my favs! Please excuse me but I don't think I'll be entering into your PIF as I've got one of my own going on and I don't know what I'm making for that yet! Have a good weekend

  15. Wow, what a nimble teddy, Lucy, he looks great fun! The storage unit looks lovely, you are so imaginative and I love the rug it's standing on too. Love Jackie Mx

  16. Lucy dear, I was laughing when I saw you teddy 'exercising', i thought it should me doing that, hugs always :)

  17. You are clever. Your CD shelves look beautiful! Well done.

  18. Love the teddy pics! - Your CD storage makeover is great too - It looks so pretty now - Natalie x

  19. What a cute ted - looks very fit indeed!

    I love the idea for the little unit - you really are so clever!

  20. Greetings Lucy Bloom. :-)

    Did you decide to participate with us on Pink Saturday?

  21. A bar of Turkish Delight?
    WOW! Cool! Hope you like it, Buon Appetito:)

    Nihal in Istanbul

  22. love the shelf idea, and the bear seems right at home, hope you enjoyed a quiet moment with the chocolate.
    love jules x

  23. What a very acrobatic bear! He's lovely. And your shelves look fabulous!

    Rosie x


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