Friday, 4 July 2008

Castle Coombe

Castle Coombe is a very pretty English village, according to their website it is "the prettiest village in England" . I can't verify if this is true since I haven't been to every village in England, but it is a delightful place to visit, though it does get very busy with tourists in the summer.

The pictures above aren't mine, I 'borrowed' them from the village website here (I hope they don't mind). I also discovered on looking at their website that it was used as one of the locations in the film Stardust. There are some pictures of the filming on the website.

It is also rather a good venue for a car boot sale which is located at Castle Coombe motor racing circuit nearby. They have a boot sale once a month during the summer so a couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a clear out and went selling. My dad went with me as he and my mum had a clear out too so we shared a pitch. Mr. Bloom couldn't go as there was no room for him in the car - we had 5 trestle tables full:

My dad likes going to car boot sales almost as much as I do and is always happy to go with me if he can. We pack some sandwiches, a primus stove to make tea, and a few bottles of beer. My dad loves having a banter with the buyers and is quite happy for me to go off wandering around the other stalls.

I like this boot sale as there is always a wide variety of sellers including a good few dealers so you can usually find some vintage loveliness. Another bonus is that there are proper indoor toilets! It is quite a large venue, though it's difficult to show that in the pictures as the pitches are spread out over the spectator area.

A good tip when you're selling at a car boot sale is not to leave the car radio running the whole morning. When it was time to leave we discovered that the car battery was completely flat. Fortunately the organisers had a set of jump leads and kindly loaned them to us at a charge of £1!

As I didn't want to come home with more stuff than I went with (and buying nothing wasn't an option) I decided I would only buy small things. I managed this quite well though a couple of larger items did sneak in.

Some sparkly jewels and buckles:

A tiny bottle, jar and pincushion doll:

My favourite find was this pincushion doll who still had her original clothes - she's now in my china cabinet which you'll have seen on last week's post. I was also pleased to find the chintz bowl which I can add to my small collection.

A lovely old Communion certificate dated 1919 and a cute Mabel Lucie Attwell postcard. The tiny wooden hanger is the same shade of green as the postcard so I think I'll be making some sort of hanging with them.

This old collar box was a present for Mr. Bloom but some of my things have already found their way inside, though he hasn't discovered this yet.

The communion certificate has already been given a makeover, I had just the right size frame for it, adding a lace border and a vintage flower for decoration.

We're planning to do another boot sale at Castle Coombe this weekend, though I have a horrible feeling it's going to be very wet on Sunday so we may be rained off. I really hope not as I now have several more boxes of stuff cluttering up the hallway.

To the ladies who won my PIF I just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten about it, I should have them ready to send out in the next couple of weeks...

and to friends across the pond I hope you're having a wonderful 4th of July.

It's going to be a bit quiet around here for a while as I'm taking a summer blog-break until the end of July, I'll still be around for shop orders and I might pop in to visit, I just won't be posting in this time. Here's hoping for some sunny days!

TTFN - Lucy x


  1. Wonderful finds Lucy. I must make some time to go car booting...can't resist a bargain. Have a good break!
    Margaret and Noreen

  2. looks like a great boot sale and i love all your latest finds, I'll look forward to seeing what you make with them all after your summer blogbreak! have fun x

  3. You have been having a clear out looking at all the goodies on your car boot tables!! looks a great car boot, hope it stays fine for you this weekend, enjoy your break! Sue X

  4. Oh Lucy, my heart skipped a beat when I read the words Castle Coombe because I have been there!! It was a long time ago on my first jaunt to England and the family I was nannying for ( see long time ago) took me there for the day and it was delightful!! We went to tea somewhere gorgeous and it was probably my first proper english village outing...that's what started it all I am sure. Pity there wasn't a car boot sale then I would have never left! I love your goodies, especially the sparkly things....kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  5. it seems AGES since ive been to a boot sale!!

    You had some great finds!

    Victoria xx

  6. Lucy, I love all of your treasures. And, I am in love with your pincushion dolls - especially that exquisite one you just found.

    My Pink Saturday post today is about my grandmother's pincushion doll.

  7. hey there,
    wow i need to pick my jaw up off the floor. wow, im going back to look at everything again!!

  8. Love all your finds, Lucy - especially the chintz and the pincushion. Oh, and the communion certificate, and the Mabel Lucie Atwell - and the jewels. I think that covers it all, don't you?!

  9. I used to love going to car boot sales. It was our Sunday tradition on the weeks we didn't go to church. Love all your little pieces. Hope you made a profit even with having to pay to borrow jump leads!

  10. I think I went to Castle Coombe years ago, it was very pretty. I love Stardust and wondered where they shot it. You did very well with your car boot finds, good luck with the next one. We're planning to do one in a couple of weeks, it's always so daunting

  11. Hello, what memories you've brought back! I visited Castle Coombe as a teenager, many moons ago! I was told the original Dr Doolittle film was shot there, well I think it was used in the dockside scene!
    Great boot sale finds!

  12. Well I miss you already :(
    Love the car booting. I spied the Mabel Lucie Attwell pic straight away, I am very jealous! ;)

  13. What a fabulous boot sale! You found some wonderful treasures. Castle Coombe looks like a gorgeous spot to visit.

  14. Have a well earned summer break and please hurry back Lucy.
    What smashing finds!!!
    Castle Coombe is a pretty place..I have a lovley print of the village in my hall...good luck with the boot sales too.
    Carol x

  15. What fabulous finds!!
    Everything looks lovely together. Enjoy your break!!

  16. Hi Lucy! I hope that you don't mind I gave you an award. I have been checking in even when I don't always comment!!! Hope you had a great day - Jeannette

  17. Hi Lucy.. I love coming here and let myself drooling looking at your beautiful home & decorations.. you are so creative and for that I have nominate you for an award. Do come & visit my blog to see what award it is.. have a nice day :-)

  18. Hi Lucy,

    I seem to remember the 'official' prettiest village is Finchingfield, in Essex, it is very pretty, but I think I prefer Castle Coombe, looks like there is alot more going on there. Great finds too, love the pincushion doll, very pretty. Have a great July!
    Rosie x

  19. You found some wonderful things! I love the chintz bowl. I've been looking for some, but apparently they aren't to be found in Utah LOL Good luck next weekend!

  20. Fabulous haul Lucy, small is beautiful. The car boots around my way are all dodgy dvds adn car parts. I bet I;d have bought most of the things you were seling!

  21. Hi Lucy - wish I had know you were selling there - I sometimes make it to Castle Coobe car boot sale (if I can drag myself out of bed in time!)

    Love the things you found.

    Enjoy your break,

  22. I just found your blog,...
    And I love EVERYTHING!
    Your home, crafts, pictures...
    Everything it`s so pretty!
    Please would you consider exchanging links with me?
    Kisses Kisses

  23. Great finds lucy, I don't sell at boot sales too often 'cos I always end up coming home with a boot full of other people's stuff :)
    Have a nice break,come back soon.
    Gill x

  24. Hi Lucy, I have just discovered your blog and I loved this post. When I was 13 my parents took me to England to visit relies in Coventry and they took us for a Medievil night out at Coombe Abbey!!! It was a great night and at the age of 13 I thought it fabulous!
    I love your vintage treasures from the car boot sale. the rhinestone buckle is to die for. Love it!!!
    I shall pop you in my favourites list now....

  25. Hi Lucy,
    What a beautiful village...i shall have to visit down here one day.
    I have never had a stall at a car boot but it looks like great fun and lovely that you had one with your dad.
    As always your treasures are beautiful and i am sure you have a built in homing device for pretties lol.
    Love Kristina XxX

  26. Hi Lucy
    I could kick myself for not coming along to this boot sale and saying hello! Not sure I would have recognised you though but I would certainly have been drawn to your table!
    I haven't been to this boot sale for years and yet it is only up the road from us. I do have a couple of items that I bought at one of these fairs many years ago that are real treasures of mine.
    Please let me know if you ever do another and I will try and get there!!

  27. I would like to go to an English Boot Sale. We have flea markets here, which don't sound as romantic, and our stuff isn't either. I love that Holy Communion certificate. Lovely. Have fun on your blogging vacay. I'll see you when you return.~~Dee

  28. We go to the Castle Coombe car boot sale quite often (to buy) but I missed the last one as we were invited to friends for lunch.
    You found some really pretty things!

  29. Oh Lucy, I love everything about your blog. You have such a sweet way of putting everything. Page after page is pure fun. My son spent the past 3 weeks in Durham, (we live in California) and I begged him to bring me back a treasure or two - but, he couldn't bear the thought of searching for the perfect teacup. Oh well, I'll have to come for a visit myself some day.

  30. You must have had everyone flocking around your stall, it looks lovely. A quality car boot is held at Castle Coombe by the looks, the car boot sales around here are pretty much made up of market traders, selling expensive rubbish. The items you found I would expect to only find at an antiques fair. I'd definitely visit this one if I lived in your area. x

  31. I loved reading about a "car boot sale." I had never heard of one of these before...and it looks like a lot of fun. YOU FOUND SOME GREAT STUFF!!!! Way to go!


  32. I do wish I would have been at that boot sale too, looks like a good one. I love you "finds" too, especially the certificate which is so lovely.

  33. Hi Lucy. I love Casdtle Coombe! It is such a pretty little town. I think they filmed Dr. Doolittle there, the one with Rex Harrison. You got somwe great things at the boot sale. It looks like a good sale!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  34. Oh, I'm so envious of your boot sale finds, especially the vintage brooches - just lovely!

  35. Hi, Lucy Bloom...I love alll the treasures you got at the pretty.
    Hope your Mr. Bloom is fairing well and things are good in your world.
    hugs, bj

  36. Hey Lucy..just checking in on you hadn't fell off the face of the earth have you? lol I do hope all is well for you and yours and that you have a great day today!

  37. Lovely finds!!! I especially love the sparkling jewelry!!
    Michelle xoxo


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