Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hooray for Rain!

I didn't go selling at Castle Coombe Boot Sale today. Watching the wet weather reports all day yesterday I agonised over whether to go or not. (It's only held once a month so it's not like I can just go next week instead). Last month a dry day was forecast so we went, it rained and all my stuff got wet! Yesterday the weather report showed clouds and no rain, but when it started pouring about 7pm last night I decided not to go.

I got up this morning and it wasn't raining - cloudy and damp, yes, but no rain. All morning I agonised over whether I'd made the right decision. I just hate that 'agonising about something' feeling - if you're not careful it can spoil the whole weekend. Then about 11am it started to rain - hooray - agony over, weekend saved! Mind you, it might not have been raining there, 15 miles away, still, I won't think about that. (If anyone did go and it didn't rain, please don't tell me!)

Instead, Mr. Bloom and I took a trip out to Devizes to an indoor boot sale that I've been thinking I might try instead. It's in a small market hall and only holds probably no more about 20 pitches. Mostly dealers, I'm not sure my real car boot junk would quite fit there, the jury's out at the moment. Devizes also has an antiques arcade a few doors down from the market which opens on a Sunday too.

I hadn't planned to buy but just happened to find these lovely things.

A cute porcelain hand ring holder, a vintage Avon perfume bottle, a pretty lampshade and a round lace tablecloth which I've been after for ages. The weekend's humming now! Though where am I going to put them...

The perfume bottle I managed to squeeze into my bathroom cabinet.

The hand just fitted this tiny space on my bedroom cupboard.

The shade was perfect for this poodle lamp which I've had for some time.

The tablecloth - well that's for another post!


  1. So many pretty New Vintage Treasures!
    I love the way that you have displayed them!
    I love them all... so i`m finding it impossible to choose, which one its my favorite!
    Debbie Moss

  2. Honestly Lucy, you always find the most beautiful things.

    I love that lampshade on your poodle lamp. It is just perfect.

  3. Hi lucy, good call i feel...years of doing market stalls before we had the shop means that I despise rain during the day and even more hate wind and rain doesn't just fall gently to the ground in a pittar patter, it blows in under and in everything and then the tarps blow away and the tent fills with water and then you are drying the stuff that survived on every available floor space inside and under cover for weeks!!
    Much better that you found such gorgeous treasures and spared yourself grief!! I love love love the poodle lamp!!
    Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  4. Hi Lucy,
    Lots of lovley treasure there. I wanted to go to market this morning but the dodgy weather put me off. Good thing really as the purse is nearly empty!
    Have a good week.
    Carol x

  5. Everything is just too pretty :D Happy week ahead Lucy

  6. Ohhhhhhh so lucky to have rain!!!! I love that California perfume!!!

    M ^..^

  7. Hi Lucy - I didn't get to Castle Coombe, but my friend did - she reported to me that it wasn't good at all - there wasn't even anyone collecting the entrance fee at the gate!

    When I used to do the fairs at Shepton Mallet, it ALWAYS seemed to rain - I have had so much stock ruined over the years....
    I think you were very wise not to go!

    Love your Poodle lampbase with its new froufrou shade!

    Have a good week,

  8. Aren;t you pleased it rained!!! Lovely treasures you found instead. Love that poodle lamp!

  9. What beauties, and look so at home, gorgeous blog and i look forward to coming back again X

  10. Great items you found. I noticed some of the pink glass dressing table dishes in your photos, my mum has some too. So pretty.
    Rosie x

  11. I do the same thing. Shall I go to the boot sale or not, it said it wuld rain and of course it looks like it will rain but then, it always look like rain. Tough decisions! Still you managed to come home with some pretty things, a sign of a true shopaholic! (myself included!)

  12. Hello Lucy Bloom, I have enjoyed visiting your pretty, pretty blog! Rachaelxo

  13. I am so relieved that I didn't miss you at the booty Lucy..
    We had far too many home chores to do on Sunday so I couldn't make it to Castle Combe...
    I think I went to the Devizes fair many years ago and it was very good.. maybe see you there one day!!
    Just LOVE that kitsch Poodle lamp!
    Michele x

  14. Hi, dear Lucy Bloom,
    I love the treasures you found...they are all just lovely.
    It must be raining all over. We are getting so much rain out here in West Texas where it SELDOM rains. Tropical storms, I am sure.

  15. You squuueeezzzeeeddd those treasures in, just as you should have! So pretty, and they look like they were just waiting to find the right home...yours!

    Hurricane Ike is headed to East Texas, so we are home for the weekend with most all activities cancelled. Our church is being used for evacuees from the south part of Texas.

  16. Hello Lucy. I know exactly how you feel about the weather and boot sales! I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning hoping for good weather so that I don't have to agonise too!


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