Saturday, 13 September 2008

Light Matters

Having shown my poodle lamp in the previous post, I must confess to having a bit of a thing for lamps and shades. Thought you might like to see some others I have around the house (if you don't like lamps you might not wish to read on as that's all there is in this post!) You might have seen some of these before, but being a thrifty girl I do like to get value from my pics.

I love the style of this pleated shade, a car boot find but not so sure about the colour. I added the fabric roses which are actually a hairclip, I think the shell pink goes so well with the green and lifts an otherwise quite drab colour.

Matching plaster lamps on bedside tables, £3 the pair, they had really ugly (to me) orange and brown drum shades which I replaced with pretty pleated pink ones, they don't match but the lamps do so that's OK. The lamps have the sweetest chubby cherubs on them.

There was a glipse of this lovely cut glass lamp in my last post, here's the whole thing.

A shabby french wall light which I just can't find a place for in the house, I won't give up though, one day I will. I'm going to use it as a candle holder rather than a lamp as the thought of cutting grooves in walls does not appeal to Mr. Bloom.

A few lamps double up as display for brooches and necklaces.

This cute pink desk lamp is no more - I dropped it one day when I was re-arranging, it's in 2 pieces now, though I do have it's twin in blue (somewhere in the loft...).

This naughty lady who caused me so so much embarrassment - though we've made up now.

I do love the soft glow a lamp gives to a room and some days I can't wait for it to get dark just so that I can switch the lamps on - and I'll bet I'm not the only one!

No need for lamplight this weekend - glorious sunshine - well, here, anyway. Not yesterday, when I went out for the (wet) afternoon with my mum and dad, not last (wet) Sunday when I wanted to go to the car boot, but today, when I have to be indoors making these.

A thrifting opportunity during the week yielded this lovely:

I love it but it's quite large and I don't have anywhere to put it, I've hung it in the hall but it doesn't look quite right there.

So I'm not sure whether to keep it, maybe I'll take it to the V&HFair...

Ah well, back to work, see you soon!

Lucy x


  1. Your images are all so beautiful. I too am addicted to lamps. there are some really gorgeous designs and they make rooms so cosy. xxx

  2. Lampalicious :) They are beautiful, truly beautiful X

  3. You have the most beautiful blog and some wonderfully inspiring ideas!!! Thank you for sharing all of your creativity with us! :-)

  4. Oh, Lucy...I love all of your lamps. I am such a lamp girl, too...just LOVE the glow of lamps and hate overhead lighting. My rooms look best at night, dressed in lamp light. My favorite is the little glass one, I think..altho, I love that first one, too.

    Oh, isn't that the way...if you WANT to go somewhere, it's rainy...then, the beautiful sun comes out and you HAVE to stay inside. Oh, well...such is the way!
    love, bj
    oh, and in my Blue Monday post for next Monday, your sweet name is mentioned.

  5. yep love lamps too and chandeliers! I've been rewiring a standard lamp today but my lampshade is far too small and looks very sad. Hope to find a large beauty soon ~ maybe tomorrow at the boot sale.

  6. I am drooling with envy!! The glass lamp would be my pick! I love it. As for the first lamp - pink and green should always be seen!!

  7. I love your lamps, I too have a lamp fetish...oh probably the wrong word to use after reading your post about your lady lamp ( which by the way is gorgeous and looks nothing like a blow up doll!). My lamp problem is that I seem to have heaps of gorgeous lamp shades but not enough bases that I like, so I am stacking them two or three high and trying to think of another use for them in the meantime!! it will come to me I am sure. I adore all the lamp bases you have, the cherubs and the glass/crystal one are precious!! Thanks for sharing, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  8. oh goodness.. you have such lovely lamps all over your house! I love it all! thanks for sharing..

  9. Oh that is funny.. I dreamed of lamps last night.. not as beautiful as yours though.
    I am going to have save every penny for this fair as that wall plaque is gorgeous !!


  10. I share your love too Lucy. Your cut glass lamp is very pretty.
    Nice lamps really make a room special.
    Have good week Lucy.
    Carol xx

  11. yes, I love lamps too, and I pinned roses to some of my lampshades yesterday after reading your post; beautiful. Some of the roses were silk ones from my wedding bouquet - 12 years old! Thanks for a great idea!

  12. Lucy, I love lamps, and all of yours are wonderful. You should have put this in the Pink Saturday post.

    I think the pink rose is perfect with the green shade. Quite chic!

  13. Great lamps... i'm actually sitting in bed with my laptop surrounded by lamp light!

    The weekend has been lovely and sunny hasn't it!

    Victoria x

  14. bah I am so far behind. You have such lovely things!! I love looking at your collections. Your lamps are so pretty. I especially love the pink rose on the green lampshade!

  15. So many pretties but I think my favourite is the green lampshade with the pink roses. As you said, the pink of the roses just brightens it up enough and it really does look perfectly vintage!

  16. I'll join the hoards of table lamp-obsessed bloggers them! I also love those vintage pleated lampshades like your sludgy green one, the rose looks so pretty with it..I have a shade similar in the palest pink on a glass lampbase. lovely post Lucy x

  17. I adore your lamps, my sister and I were only saying yesterday we would like to learn how to cover old Lamp Shades with Pretty fabric..give them a bit of a face lift! Andrea x

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  19. I love all your lamps. you're so lucky finding so many pretty ones, i am finding it hard to find just one! Love the wall plaque, you must be able to find a home for it


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