Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Out of Sorts

I'm feeling a bit tired and out of sorts today - not in a bad way, the kind of way where I just don't know what to do with myself. It's self-inflicted - last night I dozed off in front of the TV, this is something I do very easily. Usually I like to have some crafting on the go if watching TV - a. to feel I'm not wasting time, and b. to stop me from dozing off.

Last night I sat down after dinner without any crafting as I only wanted to listen to the Archers, then I was going to get on with other things. I think listening without watching is even more soporific - for a start there's no reason to keep your eyes open. So before the end credits I was in the land of nod.

Three hours later I woke up and instead of going to bed I stayed up until the wee hours trying to catch up on wasted time. Coupled with getting up early and a hard morning at work, I am now sitting in a haze. I'd love a cat nap but I daren't so as a distraction I've snapped a few pics and am writing this post.

As a diversion from other things recently, and to have something 'new' I made this lampshade cover. Orignally it was a grubby cream satin with gold fringe - still quite common at car boot sales. I use this lamp to work by so I wanted something pretty.

I used a lightweight vintage floral Sanderson fabric, with a lace frill and blue trim. It goes nicely with the other blues in this corner of the room. The lampbase is an old Laura Ashley one I've had for some time, I thought it might look top-heavy, but I like the combination of plain and skinny base with the fancy shade. It's currently my joint favourte with the little red lamp.

They stand opposite each other in two windows. I wanted to snap a picture of them both together, but there's a big mess in between which needs some urgent attention. I should really go and see to it now, but perhaps I'll just have a little catnap instead - zzzzzzz.


  1. Ohooo what a lovely post, think I shall join you ZzZzzzz, oopps better not, have wallpapering to do.

    What pretty shades, I wish I could cover mine as well as you , though don't really know how to to so shall stick to my Patchwork and PVA ;)

    Have a nice day


  2. Your lamps are so pretty. I love them both.
    Hugs, Susan

  3. VERY pretty lamps, both of them! Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

    Mel xxx

  4. Do you know I was just the same yesterday evening. I had an hours snooze after our evening meal, and when I awoke had no strength whatsoever. I must have been tired as I didn't even look into my blogs! The lampshade is a lovely addition to your other wonderful treasures. Happy Easter Lucy. x

  5. Pretty lamp shade...I don't think I could have done such a nice job!

    I'm curious now to see who the Archers are...

  6. I love the lampshades! And I so love that rose pail!
    I hope you get some good rest sweetie!


  7. Oooops! That was me {Brandon}. I didn't realize my son had used my computer instead of his. hee hee


  8. What gorgeous shades. You talented thing.
    I hope you catch up on a good nights sleep and don't doze off too often. ;)


  9. Great lampshade you talented lady!

    Thank you for yesterdays birthday wishes. I had a lovely day

    Victoria xx

  10. I hope you are feeling better Lucy. I get so tired lately and always feel guilty if I have a ct nap when there is so much to do.
    Your lamps covers are very pretty, everything you make is pretty. Your little displays look wonderful.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Carol xx

  11. Love the lampshade about some pics of the rest of that room, I am sure it has the lucy bloom touch! Have a Happy Easter, love SueX Kisses from maddie and tasha too!!

  12. I really love your lampshades. Do you ever sell lampshade covers in your shop? They are beautiful.

  13. Hi Lucy,
    Long time no chat.
    Gosh how I relate to the dozing on the sofa... I'm fine as long as I don't lift my feet off the ground.. but if I do succombe to the horizontal position then off to sandman land for me.

    Do you know Tall Husband left me there recently until 2am, if it hadn't been for Nellie licking my face to wake me up I think I would have stayed there all night... now that's a sad thought.

    Absolutely adore the red lampshade.. blooming lovely.

    Keep in touch LOL Frances

  14. Sorry... everyone except me knows there isn't an 'e' on the end of succomb.
    LOL again Frances

  15. Oh don't be hard on yourself Lucy. Your body is telling you to rest so just "go with the flow" and you will feel stronger. Your blog is lovely I enjoyed every minute of looking at your delightful photo's.
    Many Blessings
    From Judith in Australia

  16. I ran across your blog and enjoyed your little vingettes. They were inspiring to me. Bless you! Carol in North Carolina, USA


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