Saturday, 4 April 2009

Rag Fair

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Stroud Rag Fair, at which Lizzie was selling and had convinved me was worth a visit. I often hear or read about events such as these, but either they are a bit too far away or I make a mental note then forget about them until it's too late. It usually involves booking a day off work and this time I remembered in good time.

Stroud is a busy market town in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds, reflected in the architecture.

I arrived with plenty of time to spare for a cup of tea and a snack - I like to live it up a little...

After a browse around the shops I made my way to the hall where the fair was taking place.

And as usual once I got inside I completely forgot about taking any photos. You wouldn't have been able to see much anyway, we shoppers were packed in like sardines! Not surprising as there were a good many bargains to be had. I could have bought loads but was sensible and came back with a respectable selection. These days I'm mainly on the lookout for small-scale prints and trims for Lillipegs.

Some fabrics...

And some trims...

A lovely hand-stitched patchwork something or other, for cutting up.

And this sweet vintage Coty powder box

I would recommend this fair to bargain seekers, but only if you are prepared to be bustled and jostled - not for the faint-hearted!

FOR SALE: (Reserved) Sorting through my fabric stash I came across this CK-esque pop flowers fabric which I know I won't do anything with, so I'm offering it for sale if anyone thinks they could make good use.

There are three colourways, the backgrounds being cream, blue or white. The flowers measure about 2" across. It is a furnishing cotton, almost like cotton duck. The blue and the cream pieces measure 20" x 54" and the white piece 10" by 38". The design is called Flopsy by Presigious designs, it's a nice quality fabric.

The price is £8 for the three pieces plus £2 postage in the UK (£3.50 Europe and £5.50 rest of world). Please email me if you would like to purchase.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased from my shop recently. I will be opening a fabric section in my shop soon, in the meantime I have put a few vintage items in the Fleamarket.

Once again I find myself lagging behind in answering comments, but thank you to everyone who has left a comment on my last few posts.

Enjoy the weekend, TTFN - Lucy x


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who has sale dates slip by. Just a note that I love your photos.

    Have a great day!

    Betty :)

  2. What a lovely little trip!I have to say I share your idea of living it uo,although I prefer a Kitkat chunky!

  3. I missed it this time but I MUST go soon as I live so close!

  4. Looks like there were some good things to be bought but, sadly, I live too far away.

  5. Thw fairs are always a bit too far for me too. Hard to find time without the kids too. looks like I would have loved it though, you got some lovely things!


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