Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Meant to Be!

These were found yesterday - gorgeous bright red stripes. They nearly weren't mine as I had planned to go straight home after work, but decided on a whim to go slightly out of my way and stop in at a charity shop.

As I was deliberating whether to buy them (can you believe that?!) another customer came in and started picking them up for a look, that clinched it, soon after they were mine. It was meant to be!

More red lusciousness on these (in my opinion) stunning rose tablemats.

They could easily have been missed, lying in a box of junk under a table at the car boot, inside their own very plain box. Who would have guessed what was inside (I suspected cutlery and nearly didn't look), but on second thoughts decided to take a peek. They were meant to be too!

They are a bit too small for dinner tablemats and a bit too big for coasters but far too lovely to be kept inside the box. I'm thinking I might create a tile effect with them on the wall above my cooker (after protecting them with varnish), as the space is not tiled.

I'm also thinking it might be a bit OTT - we'll see (maybe it's not meant to be!)


  1. Oh Lucy, you lucky duck! look at the stripes!!!! oh my gosh so beautiful! striking red! but beautiful!!!! and the roses coasters.. just to die for!

  2. Oh WOW I love it all Lucy.

    Isn't it the best feeling when you don't plan to visit CS etc and you pop in and found something of your dreams!

    Victoria xxx

  3. Fabulous! Well done you.
    Hen x

  4. They are truly gorgeous. What a find! I would love for you to add them to the flickr group (striped pottery):


    So lucky!


  5. What brilliant finds, well done Lucy! All lovely.

    Mel xxx

  6. I love the red striped china..what a find! Are you doing the Portscatho homespun fair?

  7. The striped china are so very FAB! And the rose mats are SUPER! Even if you decide they are too much, you can at least take joy in rescuing and loving them and sending them off to a good new home!
    Betty :)

  8. Absolutely love the red striped china,so gorgeous!My favourite colour! The table mats are so pretty too!
    Rachel x

  9. Hi Lucy.
    Love the brightness of this post.......i am in love...yes love...with the middle mat on the bottom row,the background and the pink of the roses is just yummy.
    Love kristina XxX

  10. MEANT TO BE :)

    I love the sweet rose tile effect idea and definately not ott :)

    Very Jellious ;~)


  11. Those dishes are just beautiful. What a lovely find!

    Chloe Rose
    Kindred Roses

  12. Oh what lovely red dishes! It was your lucky day for sure! I love the red pictures, too. Your blog is such a fun place to visit!

  13. WOW, you definitely do have the best charity shops and car boots!
    Ruth x

  14. just found your lovely blog.

    Lovely the china that really is a lucky find. Looks beautiful against the cream painted unit.


  15. Hi Lucy
    Those dishes are fabulous!! I am surprised you hesitated at all.

  16. O, LUCY BLOOM....I'm afraid these red and white dishes have put me into the COVET mode. They are just fabulous...I love 'em.....
    Come over to Sweet Nothings and take a look at my lunch in my son's vineyard...wine and chocolate covered strawberries...ummmm....

  17. Oh wow the stripey stuff is gorgeous I love it - what a find.

  18. dont you just love those days when you find something special. my daughter spotted this most gorgeous vintage pin holder with pins in it which from afar was nothing special but up close so amazing. and when she went to pay for it they gave it to her for nothing :)
    smooches for a great week
    %*_*% rosey

  19. I just love "meant to bes" and yours are fabulous. Those dishes are wow!

  20. How sweet those dishes look with all their red and white goodness. The roses are wonderful too. Yummy Yum!

  21. Hello Lucy

    You are so lucky, you did really well to snap them up. They are all fantastic finds! What a beautiful display you have created with them.
    Isabelle x

  22. These are fantastic, what a wonderful find. I just love red, especially in the kitchen. They look great with the flowery table mats.
    Ann x


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