Thursday, 23 July 2009

Zani's Antiques Emporium

If you ever visit Ludlow in Shropshire, you must make a stop at Zani's Antiques Emporium. On our last mini-break, I spent a generous amount of time in there, taking in all the vintage loveliness on offer. They very kindly allowed me to take some photos, which I'd like to share with you.

the outside:

the inside:

It has a very French Brocante feel and there are three floors packed with treasures. With a lot of antique centres you might get one or two really stunning units amongst a lot or ordinaryness, but at Zani's all the units are a treat.

You might have noticed that Mr. Bloom and I have been up to Shropshire a few times for our mini-breaks. This started quite by chance when I was searching the Travelodge website for cheap rooms and Ludlow happened to come up, how lucky for me as that part of Shropshire, as well as being picturesque is a great area for antiquing and I'm always happy to go back there.

Of course, this was back in May so my pictures are quite out-of-date, but fortunately Zani has a website here which is frequently updated with pictures of lovely new stock. Be warned though, it might make you drool!

I'll bet you want to know what I bought - well actually just a piece of fabric, a very lovely one, the blue in the background in this pic. Not that I couldn't have bought half the contents of the shop, but the budget didn't permit, and sometimes just looking is enough.

This weekend Mr. Bloom and I are off on our summer break - we're not going to Shropshire this time (though I wouldn't mind if we were!), Norfolk is our destination, for a change. Finger's crossed for good weather!


  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a shop!!!

    m ^..^

  2. Anywhere with Emporium in the title has to be good!

    Have a lovely summer break,

    Victoria xx

  3. Hoping to visit Shropshire in Sept for a couple of days,will definately be visiting Zani'! Have fun in Norfolk! Sue S. X

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I'd quite happily move in you think they'd mind?

  5. Oh my goodness it all looks wonderful. I would love to spend hours in there.
    Ruth x

  6. Thanks for the tour of a rather lovely shop. I'm sure you'll end up loving Norfolk as much as Shropshire.

  7. I hope you're having fun on your current adventure.

    This shop is fabulous. But, I agree, sometime just looking is enough for me, too.

  8. I think if I went to that shop, I would want to move house to have more room to fit 'stuff' in!
    Kim xx

  9. I'm just having a drooling fit here over all these goodies, Miss Lucy Bloom. How I would love shopping there.
    I do hope you and the ever so loving MR. Bloom are having the time of your lives. Please give him an extra hug for me for being so sweet to take you to the places you love...
    Take good care!


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