Thursday, 18 February 2010

Corner of My Home

This corner is in my bedroom underneath the shelf I posted about here. Some more of my favourite things reside in this corner.

I have a small glass lamp which I am using as a hatstand for a floral cloche hat (or maybe I am using the hat as a lampshade?) in any event, it does look pretty when the lamp is switched on. It only has a tiny low wattage bulb, in case you're worrying about it catching fire!

Cussons produced some wonderful toiletry gift sets in the past, I can imagine that it would have been difficult to bring oneself to use the contents, and generally when I come across one of these sets (which is not that often), the contents are still intact. This one still has the original price label on the back too.

The birdie hanging from the shelf above was a Gisela Graham christmas decoration from a couple of years ago.

The doll was a purchase at the very first Vintage and Handmade fair and next to her is a vintage French fabric bon-bon bag, it is lined with crepe paper, sadly no bon-bons remain.

Here is is all together. (The white drawers were rescued from an old dressing table, I have a pair of them, currently on the makeover waiting list).