Monday, 15 February 2010

Paint, Paper and Lace

Most recently, paint, paper and lace have featured in my crafting efforts, plus the colour green. In an effort to reduce the paint-pot mountain I have been mixing some pots together, one of the results being this lovely muted green.

As I have to paint in the kitchen, I tend to paint in small batches, to minimise the disruption on the worktop. First off this wooden box, which I decoupaged with victorian style roses.

Secondly another box which didn't have a lid but is useful for display or storage. I added some wooden bun feet, I do this with most of the boxes I make, somehow they look more finished this way.

Lastly, a wooden planter, the black bands are metal and were on it originally, I liked the contrast with the green so put them back on.

Finishing touches are tiny painted dots, I can't resist putting dots somewhere on the things I paint, and some tea-stained crochet lace.

The best bit is finding things to display in them, though these are just temporary as the boxes are all going off to my craft unit very soon.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend, my Sunday was very lazy and relaxed, a real treat!