Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Poorly Blooms

The Blooms are poorly.  We've been poorly with a rotten cold for over a week now.  Mr. Bloom had three days head start, so he is feeling three days better than me.  Anyway, don't you just love this dresser.

I would love it to be mine, but it's part of the decor at Cafe Violette at the Barn Antiques Centre in Long Marston in Warwickshire. 

Mr. Bloom and I stopped there for refreshments at the weekend.  We had booked a few days away and no rotten cold was going to stop us so we coughed, sniffed and sneezed our way there, back and in between.

The cafe is a delightful mix of old, quirky, vintage, shabby chic, country, all the things we love in one cute and cosy place.  Mismatched tables and chairs, painted benches covered in squishy floral cushions,  fairy lights and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Just look a those spotty chairs!

I could only photograph part of the cafe as (not surprisingly) there were other customers who didn't want to be in on the act.   You really have to visit to get the full effect.  The tea and scones, served on vintage china of course, were equally scrumptious.

I was truly enchanted by the place, but I was curious to know what Mr. Bloom thought about being served tea from mismatched vintage china.  "It looks like they haven't made an effort" he said. WHAAAAT!!!

Despite the forecasts, Mr. Blue Sky was mostly very kind to us and we've had a lovely few days away.  More to report when I'm feeling better!