Thursday 23 September 2010

How far does a matchpot go?

I'm not telling you anything new here - buying matchpots as an economic way to paint smaller items.  I  wouldn't normally buy Farrow and Ball paint as it is a tad pricey but I was lucky to acquire a lot of their matchpots a while back at a knockout price. 

So just how far does a matchpot go?  This little pine cupboard is about 20" tall and 14" wide.  I painted two coats back and front and used just over half the matchpot.  Just the drawers were painted in a contrasting cream.

After painting I rubbed back some areas for a distressed look.

And added some floral motifs at the top and on the drawer knobs.

A few knick-knacks strategically placed for effect.  It's now gone to my unit in Lechlade, you might have spotted it there a couple of posts ago.

(A sunny day for painting outside is also useful!)