Sunday, 2 March 2008

An Afternoon in Cranford

Having been cooped up in the house for the best part of two weeks I decided an afternoon out in the fresh air was required. Thursday was a fine day and I took a trip out to Lacock where much of the BBC series Cranford was filmed last year. (one of a number of films to have used Lacock as a location, most famously Harry Potter). It's a very picturesque National Trust village, dating back to the 13th century and well worth a visit if you are in the area. Aside from the village itself, you can visit Lacock Abbey which is a medieval cloistered abbey converted into a country house, and the Fox Talbot Museum ( dedicated the the work of William Henry Fox Talbot, the father of modern photography, who lived in the Abbey).

A view of the Abbey as you walk into the village

I tried to recognise some of locations from Cranford, but I'm afraid I didn't, I think it's too long since I watched it, plus the presence of rather a lot of cars parked in the roads and other evidence of modern life didn't help.

For filming Cranford, the roads were covered in earth - what a clean-up job that must have been afterwards!

The houses are a mixture of limewashed, half-timbered and stone built and the village has changed little over the centuries.

A front door with a clock set into it!

You can find out more about Lacock from the National Trust Website here, information about the filming of Cranford here and loads of pictures here.

There are no charity or antique shops, so no opportunities for thrifting, but there are a few craft and gift shops which sell rather nice things, located in some wonderful buildings.

Quintesentially English is entered through this lovely stable door - how quaint. Mainly selling soap and bath fizzers but also home goods and a few hand-crafted items.

Lacock Emporium is in a converted barn and has some very pretty home accessories and gifts.

This was one of several tea rooms which also houses a small craft centre - Wiltshire Crafts. The shop is run as a co-operative between the crafters who sell there and you can buy handknitted goods, jewellery, children's clothing, pottery, ironwork, cards, amongst others. Absolutely nothing imported or mass-produced here!

Of course, with no thrifting opportunities I almost came home empty-handed - but that would be unheard of, and I found this cute poodle in the Emporium. She was the only one in the shop and I could see she was longing for someone to take her home.

Once back we had to find her a place where she would be happy. We tried several locations...

...before deciding she would like it best with a canine pal to keep her company.

Today was Mothering Sunday in the UK. For some, it may have been a day of many different emotions. However you spent your day today, I hope it was filled with love.

Spring Blooms in the ground of Lacock Abbey


  1. Thanks so much for taking us along on your visits today. I love seeing bits of England as it may be the only way I'll ever see it!
    Never seen a clock in the door...wonder about the history of that....
    Love the daffodils and can't way to see them here although it may be another month yet!

    Have a great evening!

  2. Hi Lucy, love this post and thanks for allowing to see a bit of England, would love to go there one day. tks a lot for sharing and have a fabulous week ahead :)

  3. what a lovely place, with all the doom and gloom on the news it is easy to forget how lovely england can be. love the poodle (very common over here in france)


  4. Lacock looks beautiful, thanks for taking us along! I recognise some of the houses from Cranford, I loved that series! Love the poodle he looks very much at home

  5. Oh Lucy that looks so beautiful, it would be wonderful to take a walk in that village, thanks for sharing and that poodle is just too cute and looks very much at home already!! have a wonderful day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  6. What a wonderful place to visit! Thank you for sharing your visit to Lacock. The buildings are beautiful, so steeped in history.
    Thank you Lucy for stopping by to see my Jadite, it is a huge collection.
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. What interesting photos of Lacock Lucy, thank you for those, loved the clock in the door, most unusual. Love the dear little poodle, she looks really happy that you rescued her. Love Jackie Mx

  8. Dear Lucy, I return to your blog again, and again, and again ... I can’t help - I love it! I will make link to you from my blog and share with others. If you only know, how much I want to see all you show today. Gosh, it is my biggest (well – second biggest, not first!) dream to see England…

    PS Thank you for he good comments on my blog!

  9. I just got my Mum Cranford on dvd for Mothers day so I'll have to borrow it and compare it to your pictures!
    Really lovely pictures and the poodle is so sweet.

  10. I will never be able to go to England...except thru beautiful blogs like yours. Thanks so much for taking us along.
    hugs, bj

  11. Lucy, what a lovely afternoon you had, I wish I lived near you, I would have loved a mooch around there. I would have liked to have watched Cranford, but I didn't start with it, as I thought I would be going away on holiday, as it ended up I probably could have followed it, I hope it may be repeated some day. I often wonder with these costume dramas, how many takes they have to make, with maybe a jet plane going over or something definitely not fitting with the period? What a lovely poodle, looks like she is settling in very nicely amongst your pretty things. x

  12. Gorgeous, Since moving to Ireland I have always wanted to explore more of England.
    I'll be going to Manchester in the summer and will hopefully see a lot more of the country!

  13. Very nice post! You might like to know we have a Cranford New Jersey. I live two towns over and spend alot of time shopping there...although it doesnt look half as inviting as YOUR Cranford. Love your blog.

  14. I loved the afternoon in Cranford,the beautiful stone buildings and especially tea at that quaint tea shop! Rhondi

  15. Thank you Lucy for sharing your day out with us. The photos are beautiful and the links very interesting too.
    Carol xx

  16. Wow Lacock, looks lovely, glad you had fun. Love your blog by the way

  17. Hello Lucy
    It was a delight to see Lacock on this post.. It is one of my favourite outings from Bath. Ironically we went there a couple of months ago and I took almost identical photos.. Your photos are much prettier with the abundant flowers.
    I am glad you had a good day out.. just what the doctor ordered.


  18. What a lovely day out.just read your previous post about your bathroom,just gorgeous!

  19. Lucy- I am enjoying reading your posts and doing a bit of traveling from here in the chair in front of my computer in the US. I just love those old buildings. I lived in France and traveled to England and Ireland a few times to see friends studying abroad there- this really takes me back to those fond memories- many thanks!



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