Sunday, 9 March 2008

Chintz and Country Markets

On the way home from work on Friday morning I stopped off at the local Country Market. This isn't as grand as it sounds, held in a small hall in the town centre. For anyone who doesn't know, (if you do know, please feel free to skip this paragraph) Country Markets were formerly known as the Women's Institute Country Markets, now run as a separate enterprise. I would imagine the Women's Institute is now world famous, following the success of the film Calendar Girls a few years ago. The WI have run Friday morning markets for as long as I can remember, what I didn't know was that in 1995 the organisation split into two groups - the WI which remains a charitable organisation, and Country Markets Ltd. (CML) which is run as a co-operative business.

CML provides an outlet for small home producers to sell their goods locally. As well as food items there are plants and hand-crafted goods. If you are not producing on a large scale, it may be a possible outlet for your crafts. The CML website is here and you can find information about how to join. I couldn't say what kind of crafts would sell well, I think it would depend on the area but the website gives a list of all markets in the country.

I didn't buy any crafts as they were mainly knitted baby clothes, but I bought some fresh farm eggs and home-made scones.

This not being a very exciting picture, I looked around for something pretty to display them on, my collection of chintz was just right.

Well, not exactly a collection as you can see, I only have 3 pieces of china plus a tin. I love this chintz pattern, I've never actively gone in search of these pieces, just happened to pick them up along the way. Actually I don't come across it very often now, at a thrifty price anyway, and I'm happy with my tiny collection. If I find any more I'll add to it, but I think huge amounts could be overpowering unless you have a huge house or a huge dresser, which I don't.

The plate and jam dish are the same pattern and out of all the chintz patterns I think this is one of the prettiest. It's called 'Du Barry' by James Kent, though I think there are many similar designs around.

The nice thing about chintz is that it mixes very well with other china, so you don't need to have a huge collection. I looked around and found some other pieces that I think mix-and-match very well.

The green bowl and saucers are one of my favourite sets, I have them in the kitchen cupboard for use, but I never use them for fear of one breaking. Since I bought them a few years ago I have never come across any more of the same pattern.

Clare at Vintage Home has some lovely chintz pieces beautifully displayed with other china on her dresser, I wouldn't mind some of those, I can tell you! If any of you have a chintz collection, large or small, I'd love to see it.

Having put mine together for the pics, I think they would look rather nice out on display too, I'll have to have a re-arrange - in fact, I think I'm going to have to buy a dresser to put them on. Oh dear, look what I've started now!


  1. I have exactly the same tin but much more faded. I love the green set, you'll just have to find a dresser to display it!
    Julia x

  2. how pretty, much to nice to shut away, there is no point having it if you can't enjoy it. You will have to start hunting for a dresser or display cabinet, which means antique fairs or secondhand warehouses or vide greniers as they are called out here (boot fairs to you over ther in blighty) I can't think of a better way to spend a sunday than a rummage round a fair. Let me know how you get on.

    love jules x

  3. Really like the pale green and it goes well with the chintz, very pretty.
    Lisa x

  4. ooooh even more gorgeousness! Those green plates are absolutely stunning!They remind me of my Cath kidston ones a bit, I think they are called 'sprig' with the green band around..I wonder if she has some like yours and got her inspiration from them? so pretty!

  5. I've always liked chintz patterns...your collection is very pretty.

    Have a great evening!

  6. I love your chintz plates and your lovely rose collection

  7. I love chintz too ,the colours are so pretty and they do mix so well with other things. Good luck with finding more and, er, maybe that dresser ...!

  8. Lucy, I absolutely love chintz, but I don't own one piece. I used to leave it to my mum to collect, we used to both collect different things, so that we would have different things to look at, at each other's houses! If I had a house with huge rooms, with space for huge dressers, I would have lots, overpowering, how could you say such a thing! All those gorgeous colours together, your pieces are lovely. x

  9. The chintz is really pretty.When I looked at it,I thought of the Cath Kidston too!
    I think you should use it and enjoy it.Sal;-)

  10. Your china all looks so pretty together - I'm a big fan of mix & match china.

  11. I love those pretty green dishes with the chintz. I don't own any chintz (yet) maybe someday ~ *sigh*

  12. I love chintz! Yours is so pretty! I don't have any old pieces because whenever I see them they are SO expensive! Maybe they are cheaper in the UK? I do have some new pieces though, and you have inspired me to photograph them for my blog!

  13. how pretty and love the rose things post as well, i wish we have these here too, i'd like to post something to you, do drop by if you have the time, cheers and have a fantastic week ahead :)

  14. Hello Lucy
    I am a big fan of Chintz ware.. but having said that I only own one item. A 3 tiered cake stand..
    I love your collection and it marries well with your other bits of china.
    I am contemplating another giveaway at Easter which might be of interest to you .. talking of Chintz!


  15. So pretty. I have a lot of china dishes, but no chintz, and I've got too much stuff now.~~Dee

  16. Oh I love these, yes they do need to go on a display, very springy don't you think? I don't think I own any gorgeous chintz pieces but I do have one lonely green bowl very similar to your stunning green set!! Have a truly scrumptious day, Linda Lilly Cottage.

  17. Hi Lucy
    The chintz is lovely and so nice to look at. I always find chintz pattern is harder to come by than other styles.(I dont seem to ever find much !) The scones look lovely.
    Have finished dresser and i prefer it to the ikea one !!(I knew I would!). I put your little lavendar heart on it and the ribbon you wrapped around my bunting parcel around a glass jar too!( I made use of it all)
    X Dominique

  18. Hi Lucy,
    I really do think that you should get 'that' dresser! It would be perfect to display all that gorgeous china.
    I will have to get my set out oneday........for you!
    Carol xx

  19. I love your chintz collection and they look fabulous with the green ones, too.
    I laughed out loud at Mr. Bloom not liking the pink pan. I can almost see him dropping it each time he picks it up. Hahahaaaahhhaha...oh, hey, I know...serve him a tasty dish in the pretty pink pan, bat your long eyelashes at him and ask for a new dresser!! :)
    You are such an adorable lady, Lucy Bloom...I love your postings.
    hugs, bj

  20. Oh, Lucy....when you get some more pretty hearts in your shop, I will HAVE to have one of your hearts, kind of like the one hanging on your mirror....just let me know, ok? I MUST have a BLOOM HEART, don't 'cha know!?!

  21. I think the chintz is set off better when paired with other kinds of china. The green pattern you have is lovely! There is a chintz pattern with my name, Nancy.
    BTY I think your china deserves a new dresser too.

    ;~) Nancy

  22. Love the chintz.
    Great excuse for a new dresser!
    The scones look lovely!

  23. Hi Lucy
    I love chintz but have only one piece. Yours is lovely. You definitely should have it out somewhere so you can see it all the time. Rhondi

  24. Hi Lucy - Your chintz collection is lovely and does go so well with your green set, I think you are right - it would look lovely displayed on a dresser - Natalie x

  25. Hi, Thank you so much for the link to the country market web site! I am so glad I found your beautiful blog, you have made some lovely things too. See you again soon

    Priscilla x

  26. Hi Lucy, loved your blog, so pretty. I have a James Keep Ltd " Du Barry" Pepperpot, which I picked up at a charity stall at a cat show some years ago. I have a cat rescue, and used to breed orientals, but now just
    enjoy my cats, at volunteer at Secret World Rescue Centre for Wild Animals and Birds, at West Huntspill, near Burnham on Sea. Lucy, if you would like the pepperpot, I will happily send it to you for your collection, it is in good condition, and still has a rubber stopper in the bottom. You can ring me on 07912501018 if you like & want the pepperpot. Kind Wishes, Jane Somerset.


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