Thursday, 6 March 2008

Rosy Things

On yet another dark and dreary day I thought pretty roses might bring some cheer. In common with many blogging friends, I wouldn't be a proper vintage-loving girl if I didn't have an abundance of roses around the house. Thought you might like to see some of them.

Rose patterned china...

Rose painted tins...

Tapestry roses...

Doillies, china and bright red applique roses waiting to be made into something special...

(don't look at this picture too long or your eyes may start to go funny!)

Roses on lampshades...and curtains...

My favourite rose prints (one still waiting to be hung on the wall!)...

Roses in the bathroom...

Rosy things I've made that have gone to new homes...

Roses on cushions and on bunnies' heads...

Roses on frames and in frames...

If there could be only one flower in the world, I think for me it would have to be the rose.

Hope you have a rosy day.


  1. Hi Lucy,

    I can't resist rose patterned china... I have so many plates in my bottom draw i don't think i'll have to wash any for the first year when I move out!!

    Hope you are well,


  2. Hi Lucy
    Your roses collection is lovely, roses are so beautifull and their scent is beautifull too. Roll on summertime , I remember being a little girl and mixing rose petals with water to make scent!
    X Dominique

  3. Seeing this post Lucy "Bloom" is the perfect name for you!!

    I Luv roses!!!

  4. It's a rose paradise! You must have been collecting for ages, what gorgeous stuff, I feel a rose inspired shopping trip coming up!
    Julia x

  5. Hi Lucy,
    From one rose-lover to another -
    I think your rose inspired collections are beautiful!
    We just can't help ourselves, can we?!!
    Happy thrifting!

  6. Hi Lucy - I loved looking at your collection of roses - you have so many pretty things in your house!
    Natalie x

  7. Just had to stop by and say hi. You have such pretty rosey treasures! I can't think of anything more delightful on a dreary day than being surrounded by lovely pink roses.
    Hope you have a perfectly rosey day as well.

  8. Such lovely rosey things. I love roses so much I named my daughter Rose.

  9. Oh, dear Lucy Bloom, these are all soooo lovely. And, tell me....does MR BLOOM like roses, too? I have the feeling that whatever MRS BLOOM loves, MR. BLOOM loves, as well. Thanks to you, dear, I now have roses on my little heart from you hanging on a lamp and roses on my fridge due to the heart shaped, rose covered magnet you sent me.THANK YOU for the roses....
    hugs, bj

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I want those 2 tins!! hehehe


  11. I love your pictures, they always look so pretty. Love the collection!

  12. What pretty things Lucy! I do love that little jug with the roses all over it. I managed to find a china candlestick smothered in roses yesterday, can't wait until the real ones in my garden start to bloom. Enjoy the weekend.

  13. Hi Lucy,
    The freecycle dresser is waiting to be painted, I have already commisioned my friend to make a curtain thingy for the front! cant decide what fabric though. I am hoping to start painting it this weekend but it needs a lot of love!! . I do like old things more than new, as they have more history and character also i think we get more excited!.
    I especially love your style, I think cath Kidston should definaetely move over! and we should have a Lucy Bloom , but I know that would be hard work as your things are lovely and i can see you put lots of love and time in to your peices
    Have a lovely weekend X Dominique

  14. It is all so lovely,Lucy.
    When are you opening for the summer season and will you be serving teas ? ;-) Sal;-)

  15. These are all lovely Lucy, you have a beautiful array of rose collectibles around your pretty in pink house. Have you got roses around your front door as well? I am still a bit concerned about all that dusting though! x

  16. All really beautiful Lucy - I love it!!!!!

  17. LOVE all the roses!!!! I can't get enough of rose prints and fabrics and plates and whatever else I can find them on!!

  18. Hi Lucy, looove the roses, you have almost as many as me ( the right amount for any shabby vintage loving gal). I love your photos thanks for sharing, maybe I will go on my own rose hunt now...have a wonderful weekend... don't forget to take time to smell those roses ...kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  19. oooooh what gorgeousness! I think I may have to get the smelling salts out after seeing all that beauty in one go!!! lol

    have a great sunday,

  20. Lucy you are indeed A Rose....
    lovely way to cheer yet another grey morning!
    You have so mnay rose's and they are all so beautiful.
    Hope your Sunday is lovely,
    Carol xx

  21. Lucy, I grow lots of rosey things. I have at last count, 90 bushes. Probably more now. Antique ones, hybrid teas, landscape, floribundas, shrub roses, etc. I wanted enough that I could bring in beautiful bouquets. I'm finally able to do that. Finding rose items in the states is a little harder than UK I think. I love your collection especially the cabbage rose drawing in the green frame.~~Dee

  22. What a fantastic collection, I am a great rose lover too. Your blog is a real treat.

  23. So many pretty things,really lovely, I have added you to my favourite blog list, have a great week

    Priscilla x


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