Friday, 30 May 2008

Little White Shelf

It feels like high time I should post although it's only been 9 days since my last one. That's not very long really but I know as a reader of blogs that it feels like quite a long time, funny how blogger alters our perception of time.

Mr. Bloom and I took a break this week and spent a few days in Shropshire - not over the Bank Holiday but after it, we never go away for Bank holidays, too much traffic and too many people about. We didn't have great weather but as long as I'm not getting soaked I don't mind too much, you don't need fantastic weather for thrifting! I'll post more about it another time.

The Bank Holiday was spent doing little jobs around the house, nothing much to show for them but things that needed to be done. I haven't been on blogger much in the last week as a result and haven't managed to get round to return everyone's comments so can I just say thank you now and also to everyone who placed an order from my shop too.

I did complete one project last week - the result of which was something pretty. I had a small pine shelf, the twin in fact (non-identical) of the green shelf I have in my workroom. This one was propped against the wall for ages until I decided where it would go - in my kitchen as it turns out. Actually it was hung a few weeks ago, it needed to be painted but I wanted it on the wall and out of the way. It was bugging me for ages that it needed painting so last week when I should have been doing something else, I got the paintbrush out and an hour later - job done. I used the same cream emulsion as the walls so that I wouldn't have to take it down to paint - I'm a big fan of quick fixes! Mr. Bloom wasn't home at the time, he would have been horrified :-o)

I cut out two floral motifs from some old Laura Ashley wallpaper I have and attached them at the top (they are only blue-tacked at the moment as I wasn't sure if they would look right, I think they do but I haven't got around to sticking them properly). I have put a few of my pink lady figurines plus some other bits and bobs. I didn't want to put too much on them as there is quite a lot of stuff in the kitchen already.

The top spot is shared by the pink Southern Belle and Timmy Tiptoes. I used to have quite a collection of Beatrix Potter figures but during a hard spell I had to let them go. I kept Timmy because he is a vintage one. There is an interesting site about dating these figures here, if you are interested. My Timmy has a gold oval backstamp.

On the middle shelf I have my napkin holder lady with a dinner prayer on her pinny.

The bottom shelf has another pink lady with a lacy collar and skirt. I seem to have accumulated quite a few pink ladies, I think they will need a post of their own sometime. I've shown the cruet set before here.

A lovely package came in the post last week, I'd won a PIF from Jennie at Falling Down the Rabbit Hole. It was this cute teddy which Jennie had made herself. Thank you Jenny - I'll do my PIF post next time.

Well that would seem to be about it for now, must get back to more mundane things. Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Lucy x


  1. I'm glad to read that you've been having a good time.

    We had vacation this week, but opted to stay home. We've taken pleasant day trips not far from home. It has been quite relaxing.

    I like your new shelf and your pink things.

  2. Love the shelf, looks gorgeous! I like the flowers too. I have lots of furniture to paint, it's just getting round to it...
    Glad you had a nice break.

    Rosie x

  3. Your shelf looks so pretty. Great job!

  4. Your shelf looks lovely in white and the flowers are perfect on it! I love all your new creations in the last post!

  5. Lovely shelf, I adore your pink ladies, I think they look spectacular!! Thanks for sharing some photos of your getaway, I love to see your 'village' photos, helps me to imagine I am right there too!! Have a fabulous weekend, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  6. What a beautiful shelf Lucy, filled with lovely treasures. Love Timmy Tiptoes, I have a Peter Rabbit, it must have been hard to part with your collection. Jackie Mx

  7. I like Shropshire.We've stayed there a few times, in a little place called Clun.
    Bank holidays in Devon are manic so we stay at home too!

  8. Glad you had a nice time away.
    Your shelf looks lovely!
    Glad you liked the bear :D

  9. Lucy, your shelves look fantastic. I hate painting, I have a small drop leaf coffee table that I bought in a charity shop mumble years ago. It moved house with us last year, from the garage at the old house to the loft in our new one, as I only undercoated the legs and never finished it!!!

  10. Some lovely treasures you have shown there. Teddy is so sweet.

  11. Beautiful shelf and lots of wonderful treasure :)

  12. Hi Lucy, love your shelf...sometimes it's good just to get on and paint something isn't it? The finished result looks brill!
    Margaret and Noreen

  13. Love your shelf Lucy you've done a great job as always! Looking forward to hearing about Shropshire too. Aren't our bears from Jennie lovely

  14. I love that Laura Ashley wallpaper you've used..we had it in a bathroom in one of our houses..I think it looks perfect on your shelf,really pretty... you must be very patient cutting out the flowers!
    Love your P.I.F ted too!

  15. Nice to see you back refreshed (possibly from all the rain) from your break away. We like to go in the quiet times too. Thanks for showing us your projects and your PIF bear doing her acrobatics, I hope she doesn't prove to be too much a handful? x

  16. Your shelf is too cute and so is your little pink cutie! I loved all of the acrobat tricks ....especially the split!




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