Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mug Shots

I was going to do a craft post this time but I'm not quite ready with it, next time though. Whilst I was making the tea this afternoon it came to me that I could do a post about mugs instead - not nearly quite as exciting I know but a good filler whilst I finish things off. Tea for Mr. Bloom in the blue mug, and cappuchino (my once a day treat) for me in the pink mug.

These are the mugs we use for everyday, I bought a set of 4 in Matalan a few years ago. I didn't use them for a long time as the handles are disproportionately large, but I've got over that now and they are back in favour again.

There are certain rules about mugs in our household (created by me of course).

Rule 1. Mr. Bloom may only use the blue and yellow mugs for his tea and I use the pink and green ones for my tea.

I have been known to make Mr. Bloom transfer the tea to the correct mug if he has inadvertently used the wrong one. My tea just doesn't taste the same from a blue or yellow mug.

The blue and red stripe mugs used to be the ones used daily until I got bored of them and switched to the spotty ones.

Rule 2. The blue and red stripe mugs are to be used for visitors and must always be given with a saucer.

The pale blue mugs on the top shelf were in a Country Living gift basket I received one Christmas. These were used for a while but are a bit too heavy and chunky for my liking, as is the rose one. I have one Cath Kidston mug, bought at a Car Boot sale for 50p. It never gets used.

We also have various floral china mugs, these were acquired for their looks only.

Rule 3. The pretty floral china mugs are never used, whether for visitors or ourselves as they are too small to get a decent drink of tea, unless the visitor only wants a small tea in which case they can be used.

The white china floral cups aren't really mugs but they are a nice big size and you get a mug's worth of tea from them. They can be used on special occassions and tea tastes lovely out of them.

Lastly, this pretty crinoline lady mug might be mug shaped but it is the size of a cup and therefore useless for tea, it does display prettily though.

Most of the mugs live in a cupboard, the shelf I used to photograph them is one that I use for craft fairs (though I rarely do them these days). It's one of those bamboo type shelves that you see all over the place at car boot sales. I spray painted mine white, backed it with some Laura Ashley wallpaper (stuck to cardboard and stapled to the back of the shelf) and pink check wallpaper on the shelves, which I varnished for durability. I was often asked whether it was for sale.

When in use though, it might have looked something like this:

Just a few things I have been making to take to my stall in Marlborough later this week. I have also been doing some other crafting which I will post about next time. Here's another sneaky look though.

Thank you for your lovely comments about Pickle, writing that post did put me in the doldrums for a while, but I'm out again now.

Hope you are all having a lovely sunny week (so far).

Lucy x


  1. The problems of tea drinking and mugs, isn't it complicated!? I'm glad to see that you have as many rules as I have about which mug you drink from! Mr Ragged Roses knows and my eldest daughter is just learning that only certain mugs will do! You have a lovely collection Lucy

  2. What an amusing post... I'm the sort of person to have "rules" for which drink to drink out of!

    Victoria xx

  3. Love all of your pretty mug's and The Rules!
    Carol xx
    Is it a lampshade?

  4. Hi Lucy,

    I will only drink out of certain mugs too. I also drink Coke Zero only out of these small bubble glasses. I like it with crushed ice. I like the small glass because my hands are kind of small, and it isn't too heavy.

    What a mess I am.

    Love your beautiful mugs. Wish I were there to have tea.~~Dee

  5. I too must confess to a mug fetish, I cannot stop buying the flipping things. The latest additions always become my favourites, but that leaves me with a problem about what to do with the rest. Our cupboards are literally heaving with mugs, and don't get me started on tea-sets!
    Julia x

  6. Gosh, it's quite complicated isn't it, although thinking about it, we have strict rules as well. I like flowery china mugs for tea and heavier pottery ones for coffee. Love all your mugs...very pretty, and your shelves too.
    Margaret and Noreen

  7. I go with the girls (homely year) china for tea and chunky for milky coffee. I am slowly getting mugs back in the cupboard after ditching some with the move. Unpacked my bargain Emma Br - birds mugs last week and put them on my bargain shelf - excellent but only for coffee!! If you have anything left from your next do are you putting it on the website - you are a tease showing us those goodies........ PS my hall and stairs are painted except tonight Mr M papered under the dado ready for painting as the wall was so bad. Went for Ringwold Ground on top and have a new tin of vert de terre for under the dado but wondering whether to go for savage ground instead thus sticking to creams, beiges. Am worried that although I love the vert de terre the green might jar a bit once its on. Thoughts?? The panelling is perfect.

  8. Lucy Bloom, you gave me a big smile with this post. We have assigned mugs at our house, too. And, I always have to drink out of "my mug".

  9. Love all the pretty mugs. Your 'rules' did make me smile though. I think Mr Bloom must be extremely patient. I can't imagine my boyfriend ever sticking to rules about what mug he could or couldn't use. At the moment I'm trying to get rid of some very ugly mugs that he has owned since before we met. Not easy!

  10. ohh i am with you on the mug thing.....
    if Mr Cupcake makes me a coffee in a large mug instead of my small spotty cup first thing in the morning, it actually makes me gag!!
    once i have transferred it in to said small cup - all is well.....
    nowt stranger than folk....
    t x

  11. At last I see how normal I am. I too have rules about which cups I can drink my tea out of. Loved your post. My favourite cups were the spotted ones.

  12. I really enjoyed seeing your mug shots, I love the chintzy ones. We have a set of mugs, some dark blue and some cream, from the same set, and I always if I can have a cup of tea out of a cream one, it always tastes better than out of a dark blue one, strange? I also have special mugs just for display purposes although I don't go in for cups and saucers, we don't have anyone posh enough to visit us to get those! You have been busy making items for your stall, they all look very interesting. Good luck with the sales Lucy. x

  13. I love the post about the mugs..and well timed as this afternoon I want to pop out and find some blue floral mugs to go with the pink ones in my kitchen! I agree, certain mugs for certain drinks....madness but true.

  14. I'm with you with the mugs. One for every situation! And Tracy, I know exactly what you mean re the first thing mug - too large and I can't cope!

    Thanks for your comment about my stand Lucy. I'm hanging on to those Dewhursts drawers for the time being!!

    Sue x

  15. I'm definitely with you on the mug thing.I like my tea in a china cup,coffee in mugs and I cannot drink a hot drink from a plastic cup even if I'm camping!Makes me gag!
    Rachel x

  16. Love your mugs/cups, lovely designs and I agree tea just dosnt taste the same in some cups, I only drink out of certain ones too! I also collect cups, ever since I was a child, great post and the rules made me smile!

    Priscilla x

  17. Great stuff............I am a handicraft manufacturer supplier and looking for partners globally. If any one interest please contact me through this website.

  18. pretty cups everywhere,sadly i dont have any in my house, here's wishing you a happy weekend :)

  19. oohh I have a blue spotty mug like that one from Matalan... but now I remembered I had one, I'm not sure where it is :.
    Your stall is going to be fantastic!
    I have made your PIF, I'm just a little late mailing it, I've posted the reason on my blog! Sorry!

  20. Great mugs, we have bone china for tea - got to be Whittards Earl Grey and Denby blue mugs for coffee. I love your flowery ones they look so pretty and especially on your little stand.
    Rosie x

  21. Oh this did make me laugh, I too am very particular about my cups and mugs. I detest large mugs and thick rims, it has to be a dainty teacup in the morning and at the end of the day and I will tolerate a mug in between. What a fickle bunch we are!! I love all your stall items.
    Carol x

  22. Your post about mugs was very interesting! I love all of your "rules." How you get Mr. Bloom to abide by them is a miracle! My husband would be using my colors just to see me freak out.

    Great fleamarket finds, below, too.

  23. This really made me laugh out loud...I, too, am very particular about which mug is just the right mug for my tea. I also have rules for making tea: the hot water must be poured into the mug (about half way) in order for the mug to "warm up" only then does that water get emptied out and the tea bag goes into the cup-then fill the cup with water! Quirky, I know.
    Lovely collection of mugs I've enjoyed seeing them.

  24. What a cute.. posting! I love your mugs!! Terrie

  25. I love your mug rules! LOL And your mugs are all so pretty. Hmmm... think I need cuter mugs!


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