Sunday, 22 June 2008

Musical Makeover

Well, loosely, it's a makeover of my old piano stool. I don't have a piano so it's not really much use as a piano stool.

I used to have two pianos in a previous home - I learned to play as a child, I was rubbish but it didn't stop me inflicting my playing on everyone! I only play once a year now, carols at Christmas on my mum's Yamaha electic piano which she keeps for that purpose.

Sadly, in subsequent moves the pianos were relinquished, I don't have room for one now, but somehow the piano stool managed to stay with me. I don't really have room for the piano stool either, but it has sentimental value and with this makeover it could go somewhere where there is room for it.

First of all, the lid was removed - I was left with some rather nice decorative hinges which I will be able to use somewhere elsewhere. Unfortunately it had sustained some damage to the legs - tiny teeth marks, Pickle took rather a liking to it when she was a puppy, hence the reason I can't bear to part with it. The teeth marks don't really matter for this makeover.

First I gave it a good coat of PVA to seal, then a few coats of cream garden paint (a glass of wine always helps these thing along!) and a few holes drilled into the base.

Contrasting panels of green and it was ready to go to it's new home as a garden planter.

I thought it looked a bit plain though, so out came more paint and a bit later it looked like this. I haven't planted it up properly, just put a basket of plants in there for now. I think it would look lovely filled with nasturtiums - can you get them in pink?

I have put it in my little garden nook, a suntrap where I like to sit now and again, when there is some sun - but not for too long!

I have some bunnies to keep me company here sitting on top of my hanging basket hook. I didn't make any hanging baskets this year, so I've hung a lantern there instead. It's so cosy to sit out here at dusk with the candle lit.

The top of the stool is being put to use too, as a really comfy garden kneeler.

I think I'll re-cover it some time though, a nice vintage looking floral would look much better.

This week's flowers from the garden:

Have a good week!

Lucy x


  1. Hi Lucy,
    The planter looks absolutely gorgeous,what a brilliant idea....the little sun trap you have is so pretty,i love it!
    So sorry to read about dear little Pickle,i can imagine how much you miss her.
    I must pick some flowers myself,it would be the first time so far this year with being buy,busy.
    Max says WOOF! :)
    Love Kristina XxX

  2. What a gorgeous little nook to sit in! The pink flowers you added to your spectacular piano stool conversion, set it off perfectly!! Such a gorgeous cottage feel!! You never cease to amaze me with your creations!! Have a magical day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  3. Everything is just beautiful. I especially love your little sitting area - everything in there is just lovely. What a clever girl you are adding those beautiful roses on your piano stool makeover!

  4. Lucy:

    What a wonderful idea. And your corner is so lovely and cosy looking.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  5. so pretty, well done you, your suntrap looks so inviting you obviously have an eye for placing the right things in the right place

    love jules x

  6. Lucy your garden is lovely. I love the shade of green you have used for your shed and trellis - we went for the easy option and redid everything wooden in garden the same shade as before which is darker - it might also have had something to do with the fact that we were left 4 huge pots in the shed and and £20 odd a time we saved a fortune. The painting on the stool is so pretty it all ties in beautifully.

  7. Lucy Bloom, it looks just spectacular. I can't imagine a more perfect redo. And, your kneeling pad must come in handy. My knees aren't what they used to be.

  8. You'd have trouble getting me out of that nook, it's absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the piano stool makeover!
    Julia x

  9. Lucy do have the BEST ideas and now, of course, I can hardly wait to find something such as this. Right now, I am trying to come up with a fabulous something or other to make an outstanding potting bench....any suggestions? You are good at this sort of thing....
    hugs, bj

  10. Hi Lucy! I just love your bench and how beautifully you painted it! It looks perfect in your garden. It's late and I am waiting for my daughter to get home so I am on-line visiting my favorite spots! Have a great week - Jeannette

  11. Lucy,

    What a wonderful planter you created. Now, I need to go paint my table and chairs for the garden deck.~~Dee

  12. That's a brilliant idea...wish I had kept my old piano stool!!;-)

  13. What a wonderful makeover, such a brilliant idea. It looks so pretty in your garden

  14. Lucy I love your new look...and the piano stall...what a suprise I was not expecting that, it looks fab. What a lovely part of your garden too...
    Carol x

  15. Hi Lucy

    What a clever idea - your inspiration knows no bounds!! I love that corner of your garden.

    Thanks for your comments - don't worry that you didn't know of B&L, as it may be more the professional gardeners who are aware of it, or those who gardened in the 60s/70s when their catalogue used to be distributed quite freely!

    The cake took about 6 hours to paint although I think that was spread over about 12 hours.

    Sue x

  16. wow what a fabulous make over!! I love it!

  17. what a gorgeously pretty spot in your garden! love what you did with the stool..ingenius!

  18. Hi Lucy, you have such vision. I really thought I was going to continue down your post to read you had re-upholstered the seat pad. Not only do I see a whole new use for the base, but a new use for the pad as well, and both for in the garden! I would look out for some more stools to re-invent if I was you. x

  19. Lucy that is marvellous! i am still working on the garden, though this week we have had lots of rain.
    Thank you for your comment last week, it really did make a difference.

    Rosie x

  20. What a brilliant idea for a planter, totally innovative. clever you!

  21. Hi Lucy, what a good idea...I love what you've done with your old piano stool. It looks so pretty in those colours and with the flowers painted on the front...inspired!
    Love the little sheltered corner too...a peaceful place to relax, it you get any time that is!
    Margaret and Noreen

  22. What a beautiful creation Lucy. I've never seen pink nasturiums I'm afraid (but I could just have had my eyes shut!), some trailing petunias might do the trick. With plenty of feed they might last until later in the summer for you, then perhaps replace them with those lovely pinky heathers in the early autumn?
    The painted flowers are beautiful, you're a very talented lady Lucy and I am in huge admiration!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  23. Great job!!!! Just darling!

    M ^..^

  24. I have a bench like that in my basement that the previous owners left...I was going to chop the legs off and make an ottoman! Now I like your idea much better!


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