Thursday, 26 June 2008

Pink Saturday

This week I am pleased to participate in Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. On Pink Saturday (which happens to be every Saturday) you can post about anything pink. I wasn't sure if I'd make it as my telephone line was down for a couple of days this week. Even though I don't spent a lot of time on the internet, I like knowing it's there when I want and it was quite disconcerting to be without.

Anyway, today I'm showing a shelf in my china cabinet which just happens to have quite a lot of pink. Mainly figurines and flowers, as you can see, a mixture of old and not so old, but mainly old.

Years ago when I was a professional working girl, this Coalport figurine was a gift from a client (in the days when such things were allowed). She's not a favourite and has nearly been sold on a number of occasions but she seems to get on well with the other figurines so she might as well stay now.

The new girl, this pretty Royal Doulton lady was a present from Mr. Bloom last Chritmas. I showed him all the ones I liked and he chose one from them, so that it would be a bit of a surprise. ( I think I might have mentioned to him that this was my favourite ;-))

A pink-tinged souvenir shoe with a pink rose...

More china roses...

This cute girl, a memento of my one and only visit to a Flea Market in the States. Also in my working girl days, I was lucky enough to travel to the US a few times and on one occassion had to stay over the weekend when there just happened to be a flea market nearby. My eyes were out on stalks and I could have bought loads but my suitcase was already bulging with all the craft supplies I'd bought during the week! I think I bought a few other small items, but I can't remember what they were now.

Pin dolls and doll heads though there seems to be an imposter who's not strictly pink - I'll have sort her out!

Very unusually for me I did some baking during the week, my sweet dad had brought round some raspberries from his allotment - too many to eat in one sitting - so I found a recipe for Raspberry Muffins on the internet. They were really easy to make and turned out rather tasty. I added some pink icing, which wasn't in the recipe, and I think you could make them with other fruit too, I'm going to try strawberry ones next.

Hope you enjoyed my pink participation, for more pinkness pop over to Beverly's blog to see who else went pink today.

I must say Thank You to dear, sweet Jennie at Falling Down the Rabbit Hole for my Blogging with a Purpose Award. I shall have a look round and see who hasn't got one yet so that I can pass it on.

This weekend my dad has come over to help Mr. Bloom re-locate our living room door.

Rubble, dust and chaos reign in the Bloom household again. I wanted it moved, I must be glutton for punishment. I'm staying well out of the way upstairs in my workroom!

Lucy x


  1. Hi Lucy, I love your pink ladies, of course pink would have to be my most favourite colour for almost everything and your collection is breathtaking!!!
    We got a Lladro figurine for a wedding present and she has nearly met similar fates as your Coalport lady but i just can't do it and she isn't anywhere near as pretty as your girls..she is even dare I say it ...dressed in blue!!!
    One day perhaps I shall have a whole blue display and she will fit right in, until then she waits patiently! Have a wonderful pink weekend, not just a Saturday, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  2. i love the china roses and your vacation sounds like so much fun. what beautiful pictures! hope to see you next saturday being pink.

  3. You have a beautiful collections of lovely ladies and flowers. They are all so dainty looking.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    take care,

  4. Lucy what a wonderful collection of ladies who are in the PINK! I'm a gardener of pink flowers so I feature mine in the pink and if you scroll down you'll see more PINK flowers!
    It was fun to see all your collections of pinks! :)NG

  5. Beautiful collection of pink ladies Lucy.

  6. Hello Lucy, love the collection of pink ladies and roses! a feast for the eyes as usual, good luck with the door moving! love sue

  7. Just love all of your pink pieces and figurines! Great post!

    ~Rhonda :)

  8. Lucy, I'm so glad you joined us for Pink Saturday, and I hope you will again. It is fun, isn't it?!

    Your figurines and blooms are just beautiful. My mother has a collection of figurines, and I will show her your pictures.

    Good luck with the remodel.

  9. thanks for sharing your multitude of pinkness! meloves!

  10. oh my god.. is this another heaven?? I love all your figurines, porcelain roses, basically I love all! thank you for sharing..

  11. OH MY! Lucy, your blog is filled to the brim with beautiful treats for the eyes. My first visit, but I'll definitely be back. Lovely, lovely, lovely...except for the construction dust, of course!

    Thanks for sharing,

  12. Well Lucy when you do housey things you go for the big ones don't you - I would never dare relocate a doorway - you have a good Dad!!

  13. Beautiful pink post!!! :) xoxox!

  14. Those muffins look delicious! Your figurines are just fabulous.

  15. What a lovely collection of pinkness Lucy! I love them all especially the little girl from the American flea market. What a high powered job you must have had, with your business trips and gifts from clients, gosh sounds scary and impressive! The muffins look yummy and good luck with the door moving that does sound a big job, what useful relatives you have! Hope you've had a good weekend and thanks for the pink links too. Jackie Mx

  16. Thanks for all the pink Lucy, lovely!!\What a wonderful collection of pink you have! Love the figurines. Good luck with all that dust

  17. Love all the pinkness! The raspberry muffins look absolutely delicious too.


  18. Loved that pinky post!!!! Your collection is beautiful and those muffins make your eyes pop out and your mouth fly open! lol How great is is to have your dad and hubby doing a project for you...have a great week!!!

  19. Hello, I'm still making my rounds for Pink Saturday. What a beautiful post, I love your collection and those muffins look delish!
    Blessing, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  20. All your ladies look very pretty in pink. I keep forgetting about pink Saturday. I am patiently waiting for some more raspberries to ripen in the garden, so I can make some of those muffins. They look fab! x

  21. Hi Lucy I spent ages posting a greatl ong about the catastrophic weekend and lost connection to Blogger - don't know why but it didint save!! How frustrating is that! I have just emailed my borther the wtory so I might cut and paste it. I only wish I had taken pictures of it all happening - dust - Hmm I could have shown you dust!!

  22. aww I love the pink little girl from the US. You are welcome you deserved the award!! :D

  23. Lots of lovely girlie Pink there. I do love your cute little girl from the states the best though!
    Congrats on your deserved award too!
    Still loving my little green box!
    Carol xx


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