Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A little sun and sea in Sussex

Not so long ago, though it feels like forever away now, Mr. Bloom and I took a short break. We did have a lovely time and managed to pack a lot into a few days - we were lucky to get a bit of sunshine too. Top of the list of course, was thrifting, but we did squeeze in a little sightseeing and taking in of the sea air. As holiday posts can get rather long-winded, I though I'd just give a pictorial precis.

Pretty quayside appartments spotted in Chichester

Arundel has some lovely antique shops and an impressive castle

This cottage is so pretty but I'm not sure I'd want a garden like that!

Clock towers snapped in Lewes

I loved the cheqeuered steps and planters outside this restuarant.

A visit to Brighton Pier and the Pavillion were obligatory.

I'd like to say we stayed here, but nothing quite so Grand for us!

Some friends we made on a walk in the country.

I wish we could have stayed longer, but I'm sure we'll be back that way some day. As for the thrifting, well I did pick up a few things...

Fabrics and flowers, including some beautiful millinery poppies on a vintage hat.

A lovely vintage talc tin, compete with talc, and an old Avon perfume bottle.

My favourite purchase has to be these gorgeous lace panels - 4 of them. They don't have a home yet but I'm sure I will find one, I'm thinking I might pin them around the top of my wardrobe.

In a way, I'm a bit relieved that summer has ended as there won't be quite so much thrifting tempation in the way of car boot sales and days out. I've run out of room to put anything so I think maybe this autumn and winter I'll be making space. Then I can start all over again next year! :-)

For anyone who is in the vicinity, Castle Coombe boot sale is on again this weekend- I am planning to go selling, so long as it doesn't rain!


  1. Seems like you have a wonderful break.. and I love to see what you bought while on vacation. Is that bone china rose pins? the 4 small ones? Oh I love the pins if that what it is.. and the plate is pretty! Good stuff you have!

  2. Hello Lucy..
    It is so relaxing to do a bit of armchair travel whilst looking at your lovely holiday snaps!
    I love that part of the world and need to return so I can explore all the places you visited..
    Thanks for the tip off about Castle Combe.. I could try and persuade my chauffeur to bring me.. will have to talk nicely to him!
    If I do make it there .. I will try and find you..!
    Michele x

  3. It seems you two had a great time. I loved those checkered steps. Awesome.

    And, that blue hat is gorgeous.

  4. Hi Lucy,

    Your post made me want to come visit England even more (if that were possible.) A gardener wanting to visit England? Imagine that!

    I love the talcum tin, but I always like anything with roses.~~Dee

  5. Everything is beautiful here and wish I was there too :D

  6. Oh what a tour! Thx so much!!

    M ^..^

  7. Lovely photos Lucy!
    Castle Coombe is now on my list of 'to visit ' places !;-)

  8. You always find such beautiful things!


  9. What alovely place you visited. I love your finds, as well. What is the gorgeous lace piece in the last photo? I am curious. It looks so very delicate and feminine.



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