Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Angels, dolls and fairytales

Many years ago, when I was a singleton, living on my own in my little house, I had a collection of angels, cherubs and fairies which I adored. I was contented enough in my little house with my fairy friends, but felt I would be happier with a Mr. to share life with.

A friend who had an interest in Feng Shui and such things told me that if I wanted to meet Mr. Right, I shouldn't have angels around the house, I can't remember exactly the reasons why. Anyway, I didn't pay too much attention, I loved them and they weren't going anywhere!

But somehow, over time the angels, the cherubs and the fairy dolls diminished - until there were none. Not even a fairy for the top of the Christmas tree.

Some time later, round about this time of year - have you guessed? - I met Mr. Bloom. The rest is another story.

Recently some new fairies and dolls have appeared in the Bloom household. I went to a Christmas craft fair recently, just a small one in a nearby village, not expecting to find much - just having a nose really. But I was pleasently surprised to find one stall belonging to a very talented lady selling the most beautiful handmade jewellery and dolls. The two fairies shown above were bought from Hazel who sadly doesn't have a blog, but does have an Etsy shop called LilyGrace Orginals.

As well as the fairy dolls, Hazel makes the most amazing jewellery, beautifully hand worked, which must take hours for each piece, and gorgeous handpainted silk scarves. I can vouch for the fact that her work is stunning, do pop along to Etsy and have a look.

On a less stunning scale, I thought I'd try my hand at fairy dolls, something simple to start with, peg dollies. First there was one...

Then there were two...

Then there was almost a whole glen...

Some went to new homes, so I made a couple more to keep for myself...

And of course, a new fairy to go on top of the Christmas tree (pink, naturally!)

Hope your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely, I've had a very not nice headache most of today, hope I'm not coming down with that nasty bug that's going around!

P.S. Just to clarify, the duck shaped fried egg in my previous post was cooked with a cookie-cutter, not co-incidence or an artistic Mr. Bloom, just a sweet one!


  1. Lucy, your peg dolls are beautiful - you will have to make some more to sell! Have a very Happy Christmas! Kathryn. XX

  2. Oh Lucy they are wonderful! I have had a packet of pegs sitting in the craft drawer for years just waiting for inspiration. Think I just got that.
    Hope your headache disappeared.
    Rosie x

  3. Oh my goodness your fairy dolls are absolutely fabulous!!!! They are perfect!!!!

  4. Now you have the best of both - Mr. Bloom and fairies. And, they are all wonderful.

  5. Hi Lucy, hope your headache has gone now. I love your fairies, they are gorgeous, any chance you might put some into your shop? Have a lovely Christmas. Jackie Mxx

  6. Hi Lucy,

    Love the peg dolls, I hope you pegged some of them to your Christmas tree!
    A friend of mine told me a story about herself sneaking into the bedroom just prior to Christmas to see what her husband was wrappping up for her (she too had heard the rustling of paper)... alas he was sitting in a quiet corner turning the pages of The Telegraph...
    Bye for now, have a New Year filled with love.
    Frances x


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