Saturday, 13 December 2008

Christmas Progress

I've made a bit of Christmas progress today, writing all my Christmas cards whilst watching Far From the Madding Crowd - the 1967 version with Julie Christie and Alan Bates. I do love that film though boy is it long, especially with commercial breaks added on.

Thought I'd give you a little peek at my Christmas tree decorating progress.

Not really, ha ha, though I wish it was. I thrifted a copy of the US Country Living Holiday Special from 2003 and this gorgeous tree is featured on the cover.

Here it is in the room setting, I could quite happily spend Christmas day in that setting.

My own tree, on the other hand, is still in the attic, and will be lucky to see the light of day this year. So, since I can't show mine, here's some more festive loveliness from that magazine. I love the little pug dog pincushion in the last pic.

I've been trying to cut down on thrifting recently, since there is more coming in than going out, a situation which can't go on indefinately. I still look but try not to buy - not easy - but today I found these sweet dinner plates which then found themselves going home with me (plus the pink lustreware cup). I already have a large bowl and set of fruit dishes in this design, it's years since I got those and have never seen any more of this design (a favourite) until today - 10p each, what a steal!

Once in a while Mr. Bloom and I treat ourselves to a cooked breakfast on Saturday, which Mr. Bloom cooks. I laughed when he handed me my plate today - what a sweetie!

Later, Mr. Bloom went on a secret mission into town - there was "a shop he needed to go to" and I wasn't allowed to go with him or know where he was going or why.
I wonder what that was all about ;-)


  1. Hi there Lucy I too have everything still in the attic and started today on my xmas cards. This is the first day I have had the energy to do anything so thought I should start the xmas activities.

  2. Please somebody hand me a cloth to wipe my watering mouth!!! That last photo conjered up so many memories of England!!! Thank you Mr Bloom!

    Oh, love the pics of the mag too!

  3. I've just posted how I still haven't got round to writing my christmas cards or wrapped a present... they're jobs all on the agenda for Sunday!

    Victoria x

  4. I loved looking at all these pictures, Lucy! May I ask what kind of shop sells such jummies for so little?

    We will be visiting England next year, what "thrifty" shops are good? Would it be charitiy shops?



  5. OOO Love those dishes and the cup too! I used to have so many different sets and a lot of them and I mean a lot were broken during an eath quake when we lived in my home state of California. I was so sad! But I will someday get back into collecting again!
    My huasband cooks breakfast whenever he is home-we all love it. Our little granddaughter Emily calls it Pop Pop breakfast and asks for them all the time-it's one of her favorite things to eat. Pop Pop is what she callls her grandfather. Lol! Now I put my request in the very same way-he loves it when I do that!
    Have a wonderfu weekend!

  6. Too much to comment about! Lucky mags finds- so gorgeous!- lovely plates- and what a GREAT deal!, yummy breakfast in a beautiful plate, and looooooove surprises!!!
    Enjoy the run up to Xmas, Lucy!

  7. Very pretty plate...but that one with the breakfast on looks even better!
    Margaret and Noreen

  8. Breakfast looks yummy, and I do believe there is a Christmas gift being purchased by Mr. Bloom. ;-)

  9. Love a duck thats a great breakfast Mr Bloom!

    Lucy shall we just go and sit in that room setting and let others bother about Christmas...
    Rosie x

  10. I watched the film too! I came across it flicking through the channels. I saw the original at the cinema in my teens and fell in love with Terence Stamp. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it again. I like those plates.

  11. Hi Lucy

    I think you're marginally further ahead than me with regard to Christmas. I carry a bag full of cards and the address book back and forth to Dairy House and still haven't started them.

    As for a tree, I realised today that I should think about getting one. I'm sure there are only ever 2 weeks of December before Christmas, not 3 and a bit. Have you noticed that?

    Was the 'duck egg' an accident or cooked within a cutter? What fun!

    Sue x

  12. Is it my imagination or is your egg shaped like a chicken? On one of my blog posts I had a few eggs in a bowl that were "smiling" up at me!! tee-hee! Sometimes my husband makes me pancakes - love it.

  13. I love Christmas magazines - I always keep the December issues even if I recycle the rest. It's so nice to page through them & see wonderful ideas & settings.


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