Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Eek, it's nearly Christmas!

There I was back in October bemoaning the fact that the shops were already selling Christmas cards and suddenly there's less than 2 weeks to go! I am completely unprepared, no cards written, not much evidence of Christmas around the house, I haven't yet started thinking about the menu, not even a Christmas banner on my blog. So if there isn't much evidence of me for the next 2 weeks, you'll know why!

Well, actually there is a tiny hint of Christmas around the house - a couple of weeks ago I bought a pretty glittery church at TKMaxx and it has become a little Christmas vignette in the front room. This only got made because the other Christmassy bits were in a tin in the kitchen rather than up in the attic.

They had a few different designs and colours, but the red was the most Christmassy for me. I meant to post about it earlier so that anyone with a TKMaxx near could pop and have a look. I would have liked a whole village but I don't have room so I'm happy with just the church. The white bottle brush tree on the right is from Next - they have a box of 6 for £5.99 which I thought wasn't too bad. If I get time I'm going to put extra snowflakes on it and maybe paint the base.

I also picked up this pretty Royal Doulton Christmas plate last week, can you believe for £1. I couldn't, but I didn't ask questions, just bought it and swiftly moved on!

This is my Hyacinth bear who I think looks quite Christmassy. She's not old but I love her outfit, especially the fox fur stole (fake, of course!) and I added the vintage brooch. She stays out all year round.

I know I showed this doll last time, but she's so pretty I felt she deserved another viewing. Since rag dolls are quite floppy I attached her body under the skirt with an elastic band to an empty perfume bottle so that she can stand up.

This cute and cheery garland of elves is hanging in my kitchen window, picked up in the post-Christmas sales a couple of years ago.

Anyway, must get on, if I find any more evidence of Christmas, I'll be sure to let you know!


  1. I've seen some of the christmas churches and house in TK Maxx but none so nice as the one you found.

    I'm the same and have not so much as written a christmas card... but i have brought them and have a list.. that's progress isn't it?!!

    Victoria xx

  2. Very festive decorations! I think Christmas has come upon us quite fast this year! I have sooo much to do in such a short time so my decorations are minimal as well.
    I really like the elves-they are really cute!

  3. I love your little Christmas scene, it's very sweet. I thought I was fairly organised this year but the last few weeks have crept up on me and I think the next two weeks will be a bit mad! x

  4. I think there is plenty of Christmas in your wonderful home, the Church is so pretty and the elves garland, how sweet,

    I have much to do including knocking a wall down and decorating eight rooms, bare plaster everywhere and have been very lazy :)

    Then Christmas LOL


  5. Hi Lucy

    You look far more festive than I am here, I can tell you. Cards definitely not written. All Christmassy things still in the roof apart from some of Father Christmas's shopping for Han and Rob which is dotted around mixed in with the stock for Shepton!!!! Hope the right things go to the right places!!

    With luck I'll get the cards in the post before Christmas Eve and will have thought of a suitable gift for Mum. All she wants is a bag of compost!!

    Sue x

  6. Beautiful Christmas plate! I love those elves on your kitchen curtain...really cute!

  7. I love the little church, and the vignette you set up is magical.

    Come back and show us some more when you get it ready.

  8. Oh Lucy! Looooove your Bear and the little church!


  9. Hi Lucy - Love your scene with the little church!
    TKMaxx is fab for vintage style glass ornaments too.
    I have got some lovely (if slightly kitsch)ones over the years there.

    Don't worry, I'm still trying to get decs done, writting cards etc, thinking about wrapping presents LOL
    Love the white tree too - you had me fooled there.
    I usually only like real ones but that is super pretty!

    Happy Christmas


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