Thursday 6 August 2009

Tiny Things

I took a plain wooden cutlery tray and spent an enjoyable evening transforming it into something much prettier.

I used a large-scale floral Sanderson paper on the outside and a small-scale "you-know-who" print on the inside - I like the contrast.

These trays are quite inexpensive to buy and can be used for all sorts of storage, on display or in a drawer, not just for cutlery.

With a couple of hooks in the back they are also a more readily available alternative to printers trays for displaying tiny things.

I spent the rest of the evening finding tiny treasure to fill up my tray.

Filling it up was the best part, I have to say that covering it was very fiddly and faffy, not something I'd want to do again in a hurry - though I know I have another three of these trays stashed away somewhere - hope I don't find them soon.

Before I go, I'd like to thank the heavens above for opening up most of the two weeks I've had off, meaning that as well as having to spend more time in the car than out on our break, I haven't been able to get outside to do gardening or painting or just sitting, or any other lovely outdoorsy activities in the past two weeks - Thank You very much! And no doubt, to put the boot in, you will stay firmly closed next week when I am back at work!! But despite your best efforts at sabotage I've had a lovely two weeks off - HA!!!


  1. I just found your blog today! What a delight!

  2. Sorry you're holiday was nearly spoilt. But happy to see your post. What a great idea a cutlery tray; it;s so pretty. Yup, it does look fiddly. Was it a wooden tray and what kind of adhesive did you use? I might give it a try sometime :o)

  3. Oops!! A wooden tray. I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes, lol.

  4. What a wonderful idea, not sure I would have the patience though ! I share your sentiments about the weather, I am coming to the end of a much needed week off and feel I have been stuck in the house all week. Braved it today to go to Oxford and got soaked. Oh well it is still lovely to just do nothing sometimes.
    Ann x

  5. That's such a great idea! I love the printer trays when decorated with pretties so this is perfect!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Victoria xx

  6. What a fantastic idea for turning something so ordinary into something so cute. I love this idea, but sadly, I'm sure if I tried to make one myself, it wouldn't turn out nearly as pretty as yours did. At least I have the idea tucked away in my mind and maybe someday I will give it a try to see what I can do.

  7. this is a wonderful idea! It turned out beautifully! :-)

  8. Hi Lucy
    You have done a fab job, I wish I was as good as you at making things look so neat and tidy!. The way you make it look so nice and smooth. If I did it my edges would be dodgy and coming un -stuck!. Have a lovely day x Dom

  9. Ooooooh! I love it!! Sooooo pretty!

  10. I love your idea Lucy! ;-)

  11. gosh Lucy.. you are so creative! love the idea.. might follow to do one for myself too! beautifully displayed!

  12. What a lovely idea. And all those cute little pretties.

    Well done for such an inventive use of something normally looked upon as practical.


  13. How lovely, you always make such beautiful things.The weather has been awful, I got soaked yesterday on my stall and some of my stock was ruined too!
    Thank goodness it was lovely today
    Rachel x

  14. It's beautiful. I can only imagine how long it must have taken you - but so worth it!

  15. Nw how cute is that! Happy PS!

  16. Eeeek! This is amazing! What a wonderful idea, I have a couple of those wooden silverware trays, as well! AND, I just love making shadow boxes, these days... what a fun variation! Love this place! Thank you for the sweet idea!

    Hugs and Happy Sunday to you!
    Christina :)

  17. Hi Lucy,
    I love this idea. Do you mind if I try one for myself? I really could use some more cute storage in my studio.

  18. What a lovely tray it must have taken you ages! It must have taken you even longer to take all the beautiful photos, setting up all the teeny tiny little bits of treasure. Lovely post, thank you so much.

  19. This is so nice.


  20. That is so very pretty Lucy.
    What a talented lady you are.
    I love the materials that you have chosen too.

  21. Lucy, this is gorgeous, and I love the idea.

    I think I have one of these wood trays in our garage.

  22. I LOVE your tray! Definitely going to have to try one of these!


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