Sunday 23 August 2009

Pink at the Pear Tree

Last weekend we had lunch at a pretty country house hotel with a charming name - The Pear Tree. We had been invited by our friends Kathryn-Rose and George to celebrate George's 50th birthday (and I am hot on his heels, but I'm not saying when!).

I was rather taken with the pink striped hall which I thought you might like to see.

The rest of the hotel decor was rather more formal and it was a surprise to walk into this pink paradise.

I wondered what the wallpaper was but on closer inspection (as you do) I discovered the stripes were all painted - what a job that must have been for someone.

Two galleried landings with an atrium window at the top and pink corridors leading to the bedrooms.

And a door leading to the pretty gardens outside with wellington boots under the settle and a croquet set in a wooden chest. How heavenly to stay here (hint, hint, Mr. Bloom!).

The garden was not dissimilar to my own...maybe one day... sigh!

Lunches are taken in the conservatory - anyone for chess?

The front of the house.

All in all a wonderful afternoon - thank you dear friends!

And to finish on a pink note, some pretties that will be appearing in my next post (not that I like pink or anything!).


  1. Awww thank you for that post as it has brought back happy memories. We stayed at the Pear Tree (Purton?) on our Wedding night. A wedding gift from the in-laws. We are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary at the end of this year. but also we cannot afford to recapture our wedding day by staying there. But this came a close second.

    Thank you. (and the bedroom are wonderful too!)


  2. WOW!! A really pretty place. fabulous grounds also. I hope your hint got taken :o)

  3. What a great inspiration seeing those pink painted stripes. I want to file that back in my little pea brain...and hopefully pull it back out when it comes time to do a little redecorating around here. What a beautiful place.

  4. The Pear Tree looks positively divine. The gardens are beautiful!

  5. That is totally gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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