Monday 31 August 2009

Now and Again

Last weekend, Mr. Bloom and I ventured out for a spot of bargain-hunting.

Mr. Bloom doesn't always accompany me on these trips, but I am lucky that he does like to wander around antique shops and flea markets, (and even car boot sales) now and again.

Last Saturday was one of those now-and-again days, a visit to an antiques fair and an antiques centre.

I prefer car boots and flea markets for bargains but there were a few little gems to be found.

Not quite car boot sale prices, but still very affordable.

Some are to keep and some are to sell though I'm finding it very difficult to choose which things to sell - nothing has made it into that category so far!

First day of autumn tomorrow, I don't know about you but I'm feeling rather cheated of a summer this year. Have a good week!

Lucy x


  1. What a bunch of lovely goodies you discovered ~ I'd just keep it all!! : )

  2. The talcum powder tins are gorgeous, I would definitely want to keep those.
    Ann x

  3. OOOOooooooooh you did very well! A++++++! Wish I could go antique shopping over there. :9)

  4. awww Lucy.. you bought so many beautiful things! i love them all.. hard to pick a fave! Wish I could join you thrifting!..

  5. you will have to sell some otherwise you won't have room for the next round of carboot hunting, lovely things though
    jules x

  6. Ooh, you did good. I see so many things I love in these photos.

  7. Now there's me posting about how disappointing the car boots were this weekend and here's you showing of all these wonderful pretties!

    I'm glad you did better than i did this weekend

    Victoria xx

  8. What fun! Such lovely treasures!!

    Have a lovely week.

  9. Lovely goodies.. and there are more on the way as you won the blog day givaway! Shall I post them or are you coming to Shepton 3 day fair?
    Lizzie x


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Lucy x