Friday, 29 March 2013


This is the extent of my Easter decorating.
I don't decorate very much but I do have some nice painted eggs and other bits that I like to put out.  Now the time has come, do you think I can find them?  I remember coming across them a few weeks ago and making a mental note of where they were - ha!  That's not unusual for me, I can rarely find anything when I want it, usual story - too much stuff, not enough room.  Ah well, I did find these few things.

The knitted chick is new this year, from my dad.  I painted the rose eggs a few years ago.  I keep meaning to do more.  The colourful egg is wooden and probably brought back from somewhere abroad.

One of my favourites this glittery bunny in a glass dome.  Thrifted.  I wish I could find more like this.  The flowers are from Aldi - I like their selections and the flowers seem to last really well.

I have the day off today and have been making up these planted baskets.  We had loads of primroses in the shop for Easter but by yesterday they had almost gone.  The nursery is closed today and I'm working in the shop tomorrow and can't go, so I made these up from bedding pansies for a bit of colour outside.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy Easter to you Mr & Mrs Bloom!
    Everything looks so pretty Lucy,All my pretties are packed and ready to go,Roll on next year :) x


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