Thursday, 14 March 2013


I do love to see what other bloggers have been making, I also love making myself.  Sadly I don't get to do as much of it as I'd like these days.  Occasionally though I do have a burst of activity.

I was inspired by a piece of fabric I unearthed whilst rummaging for something else. When I was just a young thing, I used to  make my own clothes.  This was a leftover piece of interlining fabric with a rather nice linen-look to it - proper vintage too!

So a day off was pleasantly spent matching up fabrics and trimmings and sewing up pincushions and lavender sacks.

These little wooden hearts were re-purposed - originally they had union jacks painted on them.  We had rather a lot of them in the shop so I took a few, painted them white, then trimmed with fabric and lace. 
This is my attempt at an Easter Bunny - it was a challenge as the fabric is quite stiff, not sure I'll be making any more, it was a bit fiddly.  I think the ears are too big.
I used self-cover buttons for some of the embelishments.  They are so easy to make and don't use much fabric, great if you only have tiny scraps of precious vintage fabrics.

Some hanging lavender sachets using checks and ticking.

 These makes will be for sale in the shop - except bunny who is booked in for an ear reduction.

With Mother's Day over now we are gearing up for Easter in the shop, plus preparations for our special event.  Hope to show some more pics soon. 


  1. You were able to use your vintage fabrics very creatively. I love the little sachets and the hearts. They are so very pretty!
    I think the ears on your bunny give him character.

  2. ~ It's always lovely to create from the heart..They are so pretty! Please leave Mr Bunnies ears, they are special, as he is too...He has to be alert and have his wits about him after all...hehe..With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  3. Thank you for such a lovely blog and providing such inspiring photos. Nostalgia seems to ooze from every photograph!

  4. Thank goodness your back, you along with Mary Poppins were my first introduction to blogs and eventually blogging. The shop looks beautiful, one day I will return to Britain and visit your delightful shop (it's been 33 years) so I'm overdue a trip I think.

  5. Lovely to see what you have been making Lucy..very pretty
    best wishes Sue


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