Thursday, 7 March 2013

A table tale

There is a tale to tell about my coffee table, situated in the middle of the front room.  
It came along with Mr. Bloom and I don't like it.  Firstly it's too big.   It's also hexagonal, varnished wood and it has huge chunky legs. I have never hidden my dislike of it but it was a case of  "love me, love my chunky hexagonal coffee table".  It does have it's good point - it's very handy when having guests as you can fit loads of snacks, nibbles and drinks on it but that I'm afraid its only redeeming feature.

I have employed various tactics to deal with the situation.  I have tried to ignore it - not easy when it is so big, chunky and 'in your face'.  I have tried to conceal it with small doyleys, large doyleys, tablecloths - too small, too large, slid around, didn't hang right.
Then last week at the flea I found this beautiful cotton and crochet tablecloth in just the right aged Ecru colour.  It has turned out to be the perfect solution.  It hangs beautifully, doesn't slip and is the ideal length to conceal those chunky legs.  Even the hexagonal-ness of the table is less of an issue.  If I have to live with it then I can live with it like this!
Mr Bloom and I have our 'places' where we sit in the front room.  Mine is on the red sofa - you can probably see a dip in the picture!  My place faces the fireplace so I like to have some of my favourite pieces on there to look at.  Needless to say, the arrangement changes over time, currently it looks like this.

The clock is always there so we can see the time, there's nothing more annoying than looking at the clock to find it's not there any more.

A glass 'artefact' of Our Lady of Carmel and a  bottle filled with beads.  Sparkly lights obligatory, these are on a beaded string.

Pretty pincushion  made by Nikki, inside a small glass dome.  I have three of these little glass domes.  The came as part of some thrifted battery-operated resin Christmas Santa figures on a plinth with a little light.  I didn't want the Santas but saw the potential of the glass domes.

French boudoir dolls head, a recent lucky find at a Jumble Sale!

One of Nikki's stunning fairy dolls hangs on the lampstand in the window in perfect hues to match my colour scheme. And below, tulips add the finishing touch.  (P.S. the cabinet on the right conceals the TV - it' not hexagonal or chunky and it's very useful so I don't mind it at all!).

I have a busy weekend with the Eenie Meenie market, then I shall be preparing for the next Vintage Jumble in a few weeks.  Hope to pop back here before then!
Lucy x


  1. Oh Mrs Bloom your room looks lovely and what a beautiful table cloth! It is wonderful that you are posting again :)
    I have to tell you,Remember your lady lamp header picture with the risky black gloves? Well i found one and had to bring it home with a giggle,I have yet to make her over but i think i may paint her gloves white ;) x

  2. Mark came with a sofa, 2 armchairs and a teak coffee table...ashamed to say that I waited til he was out, borrowed a friend and took them all to the tip!
    Desperate furniture needed desperate measures!


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