Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Making for Me

Most of the things I make are for selling so it's nice once in a while to make something for myself. I've had this wooden box for a while with the intention of a makeover for it and I finally made some time this week to do just that.

And here's the end result, I used the two different designs from the fabric for the top and the base.

Covering the box didn't take too long, it's that finishing touches that made it into almost a morning's work.

Lace trim with a sparkly button on the front. I added little bun feet which I also trimmed with lace.

Inside I lined it with ditsy rose wallpaper and a rose motif cut from the fabric.

It's now on my coffee table to hide all those necessary bits and bobs - pens, scissors, remote, etc, that are handy to have near but not so pretty to look at.

Here it is in situ, makes the tissue box look a bit plain - that's next in line then!


  1. Do you mean Beverly - me? Maybe it is another Beverly.

    My e-mail address is

  2. I admire your patience, Lucy. I have so many ideas but nowhere near the patience or time to carry them through! Love the box.

    Sue xx

  3. Hello Luca,

    the box you made is very pretty. You have such good ideas. I love your blog.

    best greetings from germany,

  4. Hi, Lucy!
    Love the box you did for yourself -- so sweet. I was struck by how nice hanging the cutlery tray (from the last post) works for small bits. Think it might be a solution for some of my tiny things. So simple - yet took a different perspective.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Betty :)
    PS - We are heading to London for two weeks and will be there over bank holiday. Any special spots you know of and would recommend? Kempton Park is definitely on our schedule but we are limited to carry-on as I don't have a shop and know nothing about shipping to the States! (without imposing limits on ourselves I think it would be too easy to get a little carried away!)
    Visit you often and love your items and blog!

  5. It looks beautiful Lucy, you must be very patient!
    Rachel x

  6. Lucy, you makeover one very pretty box! love the fabrics!

  7. So pretty, and it looks like real cotton fabric too!!!

  8. I LOVE to see what you are up to and this sweet box is just precious. I love the sparkly button on the front. Hmmmm - maybe I have a box somewhere around here I could cover - I LOVE the cutlery tray you did below, too! Lucy - your creativity is inspiring!

  9. Your box is beautiful! I love the colors in the print, and the trims you chose are perfect with it. What a nice place to keep 'odds and ends' handy! You are very creative!

  10. How pretty the result is! It is so nice to be able to have some time to make something for ourselves isn't it. A rare thing at the moment for me, all is about getting the house done. My time will come later. Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  11. V. pretty and so v. neatly done I'm sure I'd have gotten glue evrywhere.

  12. It's beautiful! You always do such a wonderful job!

  13. I love this little box ~ how nice to make something for yourself. I love all the little finishing touches.

    I also think that the cutlery tray that you "transformed" is wonderful! I'm inspired to try that too!

  14. That box is gorgeous!!!



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