Thursday, 14 January 2010

Displacement Activity

I am very good at procrastination and displacement activity. Currently, my most pressing task is to put the Christmas decorations back up into the attic, they have been packed away since the 6th Jan and are cluttering up the dining room. For some reason (might be the fact that the attic is bulging at the seams) I keep putting off this task, I do not relish the thought of going up there and trying to find some space to squeeze them back in.

So, I am thinking up 101 'more important' things to do. My favourite displacement activities are:
1. Eating
2. Making lists (of things I should be doing)
3. Re-arranging knick-knacks

Following the over-indulgences at Christmas (and before and after) no. 1 is no longer an option.
I have listed everything possible and have to start doing the things on the list, so no. 2 is out.
Therefore it has to be no. 3 re-arranging knick-knacks.

I haven't shown my latest doll purchase - I bought her before Christmas but she hadn't been 'arranged', so I've created a new vignette for her to sit in.

She's the work of Heather from LilyGrace Originals, I first bought one of Heather's dolls a couple of years ago, when I came across her stall by chance at a local Christmas fair. I saw this one (I shall call her Emma for now) on Heather's Etsy site and was sorely tempted but as it was close to Christmas I thought better not.

Then I went to the Christmas fair this year and there she was, so much more beautiful in the 'flesh', the deal was done!

Emma is part of a small range of Georgian style dolls that Heather has created this year. Her head, hands and feet are sculpted from special doll clay, the rest of her body is soft. Heather paints an individual and unique face on each of her dolls, I knew if i didn't buy Emma there and then she would never be repeated. I love her pretty face and her coil of black hair. She truly does look like a Jane Austen heroine.

I've seated her on a wicker dolly-size chair and created a rather flowery vignette around her (on the cupboard on my landing). Keeping her company is my pink poodle lady, another firm favourite.

Another good displacement activity is fiddling around with photos on the PC. I don't have any special graphics software, just HP Image Zone which came with the PC and has a few special effects. This is soft-glow...



Right, what can I do next?