Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A thrifty week

Just when we thought we'd seen the last of it - it's back -drat! Not that I don't like it, just it's settling as a horrible slush, by the time I walked home from work today my shoes and socks were soaked. As for taking photos - hopeless. Of course, when it was sunny yesterday I was busy doing something else! But enough of moaning.

Well, not quite. Last Monday I was bemoaning the fact that having visited all the charity shops in town, I had managed to find only one thing.

Rather a lovely thing, I'll admit, but just the one. 'It's rubbish', I moaned, there's nothing to be had!' But by the end of the week I was eating my words. Having revisited the same shops plus a few more, I had gathered together quite an assortment - mostly for stock but I will be keeping one or two items.

TUESDAY - this gorgeouse paisley eiderdown - my eyes popped out on stalks - plus a striped sheet and cotton eiderdown cover. You can't really see in the pic, but it's one of those that has a huge diamond cut out in the middle, so you can see the design on the eiderdown. I remember having those as a child and always wondering why there was a hole in the middle!

WEDNESDAY - pretty rosebud jug, glass bottle, praying figures and fantastic 70s pink paisley wallpaper - I found two rolls of this in mint condition - enough for a small feature wall or chimney breast.

The wallpaper will be for sale, if anyone is interested please email me for more info.

THURSDAY - two wooden trugs and a wooden box, for makeovers, plus this darling raffia hat - I love the shape and might keep it for use as a sun-hat in the summer (for gardening only!)

FRIDAY - two pretty brooches and a russian doll.

SATURDAY - two mirrors, one wrought iron, painted with pretty metal flowers. The other a bevel-edged painted with a crinoline lady garden scene. Unusually, both are in excellent condition, the painted ones especially are often found with most of the picture worn away. Very difficult to photograph though!

SUNDAY - I had a rest! But all in all a good thrifty week.

Today's task that I have been putting off is to install a new router for my internet connection. I hope it all goes smoothly, but if I don't answer emails immediately, you'll know why. Hope to be back soon!