Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Christmas come early!

I was very lucky recently to win a giveaway hosted by Michele of Cowboys and Custard. I love the idea of giveaways and have entered many, so I was thrilled to have won this one. Frustratingly the postman delivered the parcel on Monday afternoon when I was out, so I made a trip to the sorting office on Tuesday morning - I was there at 6am prompt!
I barely made it through the door before starting to open the parcel - then I remembered - Photos! So I carefully packaged it up again (well, partly) so that I could share my excitement (and a couple of surprises) with you.
Inside the parcel was this very stylish package (wrapped much more neatly originally!). The first surpise was that Michele had used vintage wallpaper to wrap the outer parcel, which only became apparent when unwrapped. You can see that in the background of the picture and I have saved it to use in some crafting.

Inside was surprise 2 - this box - from a vintage children's game.

And inside the box, beautiful tiny vintage Christmas ornaments, a vintage French Christmas card and three of Michele's handmade Christmas badge cards which are lovely.

Just look at that brush tree...and the snowball ornament...and the cracker...and the stars... - I love it all!
Everything fitted perfectly inside the box. I've kept them inside the box for now so that every now and again I can open the box to handle the contents and get all nostalgic. This was a wonderful giveaway, thank you very much Michele!
p.s. If you haven't visited Michele's blog already, you must do so (see link at top of post) - you won't be disappointed!


  1. Hello Lucy
    So glad that it arrived safe and sound.
    The items look even better on your side!
    Hope they make you feel nice and Christmassy inside when you open the box to take a peak.

  2. I've just stumbled across your blog, and it's so lovely. Your house looks gorgeous, and I love what you did with the glass jars. I'm adding you to my bloglines list!
    Cathy X

  3. What a lovely parcel and what a generous giveaway to win. Michele's cards are so unique. I think I would have to keep it all in the box forever! x

  4. Lucky you - I would not want to break the collection up and would keep it in the box and take it out every so often to look at and admire. Lovely!


  5. Oh I love receiving parcels too, you must have been thrilled to open this one!I know what you mean about the photo opportunities, I find myself doing mundane things and pausing to take a picture just in case I want to blog about it...good job we all understand this strange habit :)

  6. Hi Lucy

    What a lovely giveaway. I had that very Blow Football game as a child! It was great fun!

    Sue x

  7. Congrats on winning such a lovely prize!xx

  8. Congratulations on winning - what a lovely box of treasures!


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