Thursday, 8 November 2007

Good Timing

Back in the summer, Mr. Bloom and I spent a few days in Shropshire. There are some lovely small towns in that area and much of the time, needless to say, was spent in antique and charity shops. I also managed to find a car boot sale and two flea markets, and we were only up there for 3 days! The car was quite full by the time we left.

One of my purchases was a clock for Mr. Bloom for his birthday. He chose it himself, as he is very particular in his taste. We had it packed carefully and put it in the car with our (my!) other purchases. When we got home we carefully unloaded the car and brought everything inside. As I was excitedly rummaging through my treasures, one of the bags slowly tipped over and fell on the floor. I heard a sort of tinkling noise and my heart sank. I picked up the bag – it was the clock which had fallen onto its face and the glass broke into 4 pieces.
Mr. Bloom was very philosophical about it, I wanted to cry.

It is standing in our front room. Mr. Bloom winds it up every few days and it has a lovely ticking sound, but each time I look at it a wave of guilt washes over me. Instead of “tick-tock” I hear “you-broke-me-you-broke-me”.

This week we popped out to a bric-a-brac shop that I had noticed opened up at the weekend. Though I was disappointed with their stock, I did manage to find this lovely set of 6 soup bowls for 35p each.

They are in perfect condition and will complement my dinner plates really well.
They have pretty mottled pattern when you look close up.

But the real find of the day was the clock you can see in the corner of the picture. Not something I would have bought normally but the glass front was exactly the same size as the one I’d broken! I really couldn’t believe my luck and the price was right too - £3.

So now Mr. Bloom’s clock is restored and I can look at it without remorse.

I am sure it is ticking a lot more happily too – and surrounded by all that lace and flowery frippery, how could it not be happy?

I’d like to say Thank You to everyone who has commented on my posts so far. I’ve appreciated them very much and also enjoyed looking at your blogs too, which have gone into my favourites list. I’m not sure if I should be replying to each one individually, I’ll have to look up on blog-etiquette, but for now I’ll thank you all here.


  1. Hi Lucy

    Found you by chance when I was browsing through Niki's (Nostalgia) comments. Welcome to blogland - I'll keep popping back to see what you've been up to. Love the pink glass by the way.

    And what a lucky girl you were with the (second) clock. Not so clever with the first one of course, but all's well that ends well, as they say!

    Have you used the wallpaper yet? (I'm guessing there's only one Lucy Bloom in Wiltshire!!!)


  2. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment - I'm the only Lucy Bloom I know, anyway! I have used the wallpaper to line a cupboard so far, that'll be coming up in a future post sometime. I have plans for more to do with it, but as usual haven't found the time yet!

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I can't believe how many places you rummaged through in 3 days! bravo! a girl after my own heart.
    good news about mr blooms clock its gorgeous, the guilt must have been awful for you,poor thing.
    The pink soup bowls are a great find Lucy,are you going to build a set of vintage pieces? thats what we are going to do,i would like pretty china for every day of the week.
    I would also like to say thank you for visiting my blog too Lucy.
    take care x

  4. Hi there - have a look on Vintage Home (her blog is on my side bar which will take you to her website ) you are going to love the Xmas special - I have treated myself to one yesterday as a reward for packing and composing solicitors letters this week!

  5. Hey Catherine, thanks for the tip, how right you are. Looks like I'm going to have to get me one too!

  6. Hello Lucy
    Glad to see that you are still blogging away and enjoying your rummaging for vintage treasures.
    Thank you for your comment about the pyjamas.. wonderful story.. sounds like the sort of thing my mum would have done..

  7. AHHH! You said "frippery"! That's one of my favorite "fun words"! =)

  8. I am sure my great grandad and great nan had the same service as your soup bowls but in green. Your post brought back memories of them, and today on my blog I have posted pictures of them in their younger days. I am really going to enjoy looking through your blog to see all your lovely knick-knacks, I have collected lots of stuff over the years, I have a lot on show, but also much in the loft! x


Thank you for your comments - I am not always able to reply but they are always appreciated.
Lucy x