Sunday, 4 November 2007

Rose Coloured Glass

My first post looks a bit lonely on it's own, so I'm keen to add another one to make me look less like a novice blogger. Thank you Clare of Vintage Home for your comment, it's heartening to know that I have had at least one visitor!

I don’t specifically collect pink glass, but have picked up the odd piece here and there that I found pretty. I had them dotted around all over the house but they never looked quite right wherever they were and didn’t really go with anything else. Recently I decided I would display them all together and what a difference it made. Individually they were nothing special but placed together I think they look rather attractive. I have grouped them on a shelf in my bedroom.

In addition to those on the shelf I have a few other pieces dotted around the bedroom.

I also have a cute set of 5 small bowls – these are used to serve nibbles when we have guests, I keep these in the kitchen.

My most recent find was this dressing table set - I think there were probably more pieces originally in the set. It was a bargain £1 at the car boot sale.
This is displayed guess where? - in our bedroom.

Of course, if anyone asks me whether I collect anything I always say that I don't. I find that if you admit to collecting anything, suddenly that's all you ever get for birthdays and Christmas and it can get a bit out of hand. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but do you know what I mean?
So that's my 'not-collection' of pink glass - I'll keep you updated if I find any more pieces to add to it!


  1. Here is acomment on your second blog so you have one - its awful I am always checking mone to see if someone knows me - I shall add you to my side bar now

  2. its funny, I am quite the same with regards to the pink glass. I dont actually collect it but when I see a piece here and there, I will buy it. I do really love the colour. Your photos are really lovely too. the glass looks great displayed together.

  3. I do know what yuo mean about collections.......i do not collect things really I just a have a lot of some things ! if you see what I mean!
    I love the pink glass.
    I have a few green bits!

  4. Oh my Lucy,
    i am in love with your pretty pink glass and it is displayed beautifully...its really dreamy.
    alchamillamolly told me to visit you and i am glad i did, so nice of her to add us to her side bar.
    Looking forward to your next post
    take care Mrs Bloom (what a fantastic name)xx

  5. The pink glass is so pretty - I have to admit that I have some too.
    Welcome to the world of blogging - it's great fun. I'll bookmark your blog & visit again soon!

  6. Your depression glass is LOVELY! I have a bowl nearly identical to the one you have shown... it sits on my dresser and holds some of my favorite cards.

  7. My step-dad has lots of pink glass too, cranberry and similar. You are right, it looks lovely all together on your shelf with other accents of pink around the bedroom, what a lovely pink paradise you are able to hopefully relax in, and yes there are great bargains still to be found, very occasionally, at carboot sales. x


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