Saturday, 17 November 2007

From the Inside

Thought I'd show what I've been doing lately (as opposed to what I should have been doing!)I bought some glass jars in a charity shop recently. I wanted to decorate them in some way as I didn't want the contents to be visible. I wanted fast results and decided on paper, but rather than decorate on the outside I chose to decorate from the inside.
For these two I used a wallpaper border cut to size. It was so simple, I just rolled the paper and slipped it into the jar, then spread it out into place, a strip of sticky tape inside secured the paper and will stop it curling up again. Of course, jars with straight sides are best for this. Some ribbon tied around the neck of the jar finished them off. They can be kept simple or more decorative as this pink one. I used a pretty scrapbooking paper here, and some ribbon, lace, flowers and beads to decorate.

On a roll now, I went hunting in the kitchen for some empty jars but only found 2 (unfortunately the recycling collection had been the day before).

As these had rather ugly lids I made some matching paper covers. I used a decorative punch to give a lace effect edge, but a pinked edge would look good too.

The good thing with decorating them this way is that you can easily change the design as nothing is glued on. You could make some to match your decor using left-over wallpaper, or use Christmas paper and fill them with treats as a gift. I wouldn't recommend using them for food storage unless the items are wrapped, e.g. sweets or stock cubes, as it could get rather messy.
I was quite pleased with the results. Now - where am I going to put them?

Well, this one can go here...

These 2 can go here...

And these will look just right here.

Ok, what shall I do now? (Something I should be doing I think!)


  1. how lovely they are. I think the green is my favorite. they would make pretty Christmas gifts too!

  2. Your jars are lovely, I have started to save jam jars etc to store my vintage buttons in, at the moment they are just stuffed in a drawer not being seen and feeling very unloved! x

  3. What a lovely idea Lucy..
    I think they look wonderful as a collection as the colours really compliment each other.

  4. Those are absolutely lovely! Very pretty work you've done! It's like having your own vintage fancy French perfume bottles at a fraction of the cost! =)

  5. Thanks for the comment! Bottom Draw is literally taking over... inside each wardrobe i actually have a bedside cabinet, there's a table on top of the wardrobe not to mention the boxes of things under beds, in the garage.... It's going to be like Xmas going through them when I move out next year!

  6. Lucy my sweet, First of all ~ why aren't you selling these amazing jars. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can just see a bunch of them all lined up here at my house. Wow!!!

    I am so happy you found me and liked my blog. I'm adding your beautiful blog to my blogrole also. I love everything here, just beautiful.


  7. What a lovely idea!They look so pretty.

  8. Lucy, your jars are so pretty! What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing, your blog is so interesting.
    Hugs~ Michele

  9. Thank you Lucy for stopping by for a visit. I am adding your blog as well.
    Hugs~ Michele

  10. Hi Lucy - what a lovely post - the jars are a great idea - they look so pretty in your delightful home!

  11. Thanks for the NY wishes... cannot wait now!!

    I'll certainly be taking lot's of photo's for you ladies esp as I'll hopefully be visiting Rachel Ashwell's store "Shabby Chic" and a few of the flea markets there!!

    Until my return...


  12. Oh Lucy,
    They are simply gorgeous.....i love them!

  13. Lucy, everytime I come to read you blog I'm drawn to these amazing jars. I do love them so. I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful they are!


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