Sunday, 25 November 2007

Pipped to the Post

Hello and a good Sunday evening to you. Hope you have had a great weekend. I was helping out at my local Church Bazaar yesterday which was good fun. Sadly not much there to be thrifted, then a meal with family and friends in the evening. Today I've been flopped out on the settee most of the day - bit of an indulgence but very nice! Looking forward to Cranford at 9pm, annoyingly I missed the first episode last week, just completely forgot about it.

Thanks to all the new visitors to my blog over the last few days, I will be replying to your comments shortly.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a visit to Marlborough. This is part 2 of that day when I decided to go into Pewsey as well. It’s much smaller than Marlborough but does have a couple of charity shops.
The first is a fund-raising committee shop for the Pewsey Carnival, and it’s always overflowing with stuff. I found this lovely big mirror, which someone had kindly already painted white for me (I added the flowers).

They didn’t have any fabrics, they always pass them on to the hospice shop, they told me. In the hospice shop there were no fabrics out but when I asked they brought out this huge piece of Laura Ashley fabric. It’s a lightweight cotton so didn’t feel that big but when I got home I found there were over 7 yards! I think this will be great for using as a lining or in patchwork. I also bought this marmalade jar girl because she was so cute.

Lastly I went into the haberdashery shop which doubles as the bric-a-brac shop through a connecting door - it’s quite odd really. Amongst the usual bric-a-brac there were piles of fabric offcuts, sewing books, old patterns and bags of trimmings. Disappointing though, after a good old rummage I only found this fabric and some trimmings.

On the way home I saw a sign for a garden centre which I hadn’t noticed before so decided to go and take a look. After driving for what seemed like ages, I nearly gave up, I found it miles out in the middle of nowhere. Next to the garden centre there were some shop units and an antique shop selling lovely brocante-style treasures.

After a good look around I had a chat with the owner and asked if she had any vintage fabrics.

“Oh I had loads until a couple of weeks ago, then Cath Kidston came in and bought them all”


It’s funny, I hadn’t imagined Cath Kidston as going to little out-of-the way places looking for treasures, not now that she’s made her fortune anyway. But thinking about it, that’s how she started and why would she have stopped now. Apparently she has friends in the area and that’s how she knew about this place.
Anyway, whilst I stood there feeling miffed that Cath had bought ALL the fabric (she might have left a little bit for the rest of us) the lady went to a drawer and found some pieces tucked away she had forgotten about.
So I got these (Cath’s rejects – not wonderful but I had to come away with something!):

But I’d love to know what CK went away with.
I gave the nice lady my phone number and she kindly said she’d look out for more fabric and phone me when she had some. And one thing’s for sure, I won’t be telling Cath Kidston!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Who needs Cath Kidston when you can have Lucy Bloom! I hope that lady does let you have first choice on the material, let's face it CK probably doesn't really need it, she is just being greedy! I think you did very well with your finds over the past few days. We have stayed near and have visited Marlborough, it is a beautiful town, we had a lovely lunch in one of the pubs there and a couple of drinks in one of the trendier establishments. I look forward to seeing what fabulous makes you knock up with the material. x

  2. Hi Lucy! Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comments. Yes, it is great getting ready for Christmas! Your blog is delightful!!

    :<) Nancy

  3. Hi Lucy

    Thanks for popping by! I'm not certain, but I think Clare (Vintage Home) has visited the same place in recent months. Fancy CK going there, too. Now I had some fabric similar to that on the left until recently! Some lovely finds!


  4. What a find - it is such a shame that CK got there first! Let's hope you get lucky in the future.

    I like your mirror too.


  5. Hi Lucy,
    Glad you had a great weekend!
    Would you believe that I have also visited the garden centre's 'Antiques and Tat' - I arrived a few days after Cath Kidston too!!! I did buy some eiderdowns that she had missed though!! (Clare from 'Vintage Home' will tell you the same story!) Us vintage girls know all the best places to visit!! ;-))

  6. It seems the antiques place has been found by a lot of people already. Can you imagine owning a shop and Cath Kidston walks in - mind you I wouldn't recognise her! Glad she had left something for you though. You had some great finds, love the mirror.

  7. Hi Lcy it looks as though you did have a fun day.
    What is the fabric going to be ?
    I am going to raid my Mum's larder, she has all sorts of things stashed away in there. Old tins, buttons and allsorts.
    Great when you find a little Nursery tucked away....somewhere new to rummage about!
    I am off to Bluewater now as I have just been told tha Zara Home has just opend and this is a great place for beauitful bargins.
    Had a great day in Eynsford and Otford Villages, done all the 'vintage' and shabby chic shops and then home to photograph it all for my next post!

  8. Lucy,

    What a wonderful story even though Cath got there before you. How dare she. I would give her a call if I were you and tell her to stay out of YOUR stomping grounds. Jesh, all that wonderful fabric snapped up. I'm with you ~ don't tell Cath Kidston another thing! lol

  9. Loved your blog - we just dont seem to have these places in Yorkshire I think its cos we are known for being tight!! and noone gets rid of anything - love oyur mirror and the sound of that particular shop

  10. Hi Lucy,
    Cath Kidston!... huh seems some girls just can't have enough lol i would love to see what she bought that day.
    Your mirror is beautiful Lucy and its trimmed to perfection and the marmalade jar girl is gorgeous.

  11. Hi Lucy,
    What very pretty finds, the mirror is lovely and I like the flower trim you have added. Thanks for visiting me, you are welcome any time.
    Sandi x

  12. Sounds like you had a great day but what a shame Cath got there first. It seems suprising given the empire she has now but in one of her books(I think its 'In Print') she does describe how she goes looking for vintage fabrics in junk shops and car boot sales on a very regular basis. I've often looked at the vintage cushions she has for sale in her shops mixed in with the new stuff and thought to myself that she must have staff that go out buying the fabric for her. Obviously not! At least she left a little bit for you.


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