Tuesday 14 September 2010

Ain't Complainin'

Sunday I took the opportunity to sell off some surplus possessions and to buy stock - success on both counts.  What was once play has become work, not that I'm complaining mind.  Even on those Sundays when I really don't feel like getting up early and going out, it usually turns out to be fun, more than I can say for the days when I had a stressful full-time paid job.  I still work part-time but it's one of those jobs where I can come home and forget about it until the next day.

The weather was on our side and we got a really good pitch with loads of space and we were right opposite the cafe and loos (very important that!)

Obviously when selling at a Boot Sale or anywhere else there isn't much opportunity for buying as well, apart from neighbouring stalls so I took a friend. We shared a pitch and took it in turns to pop off for a wander round.

I didn't buy a huge amount, by the time we had set up and dealt with the throng, most of the bargains had been snapped up by the other shoppers. Very frustrating to see people walking past the stall with things I would have bought.

I did get a nice varied selection though - toys, ephemera, china, textiles and sparklies. The Laura Ashley Kate fabric is a large festoon blind - loads of fabric for re-use.

China flowers, mauchlinware box and Vernon Ward print.

Sweet birdies and a charming miniature pansies teaset, incomplete and teapot missing it's lid so I'll split it up.  I have plans for the lidless teapot.

A few sparklies

Lovely Laura Ashley dress, a vintage evening bag and pink necklace.  Bought separately but they do go rather well together.

Don't you just love this doll's painted face and very Grace Kelly scarf arrangement - well I do.  She needs some attention - one shoe has split open, she could use a new skirt plus I have to deal with the big nail sticking out of her leg.  Must be a bit painful, maybe that accounts for the expression on her face!  She hasn't complained though.