Wednesday 8 September 2010

My Little Harvest

Allotments are becoming more and more popular these days.  I don't have one myself, just not that way inclined, but lucky for me my dad does and so every summer he kindly shares with us the fruits and vegetables of his labours.  For a few years my dad has been encouraging me to have part of his allotment so last year I finally agreed to take my own little patch.

And here it is, at the front of the picture.  No labour-intensive cultivating for me, I planted (well, actually Mr. Bloom did it) six tiny lavender plants.  I was quite surprised at how much they had grown in a year. 

And more surprised at how much lavender I got from them, this whole basketful.  So the sum of my efforts was one trip to the allotment this year to cut it.  That's my kind of gardening!  I might even plant another six for next year.

I had planned to tie them in bunches and hang to dry in the sunshine, but somehow didn't get around to it.  Instead a Sunday afternoon spent pulling all the buds off, I got quite a decent bowlful.  Worth the headache as I don't tolerate the scent of lavender too well.

Something else I harvested from a field full of cars - this cute bisque angel.  I think she might possibly be a religious artefact designed to hold holy water in her shell and possibly from Italy?

In any event, she has such a sweet, angelic face - possibly a bit like me?   No need to answer that :-)

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