Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Second hand Cath and a bit more

Do you recognise these prints - of course you do!  Do you remember your first Cath experience?  I do - it was many years ago in a gift shop in Devizes, before she was really known out in the sticks - there were some aprons, tea towels and such like, just a small range.  I remember gasping when I saw them and really wanting an apron - until I looked at the price tag, ha ha!  Not long after I saw someone wearing one on the tea stall at a local fete and I was so envious. 

I never did get an apron, or anything else for that matter for quite some time and generally I don't buy Cath Kidston for myself.  There isn't a shop where I live and I don't visit her website.  I used to receive a catalogue, but as I never buy anything they've stopped sending them.  Her stuff is lovely, but since she's gone into such large scale mass-production and look-alikes appearing all over the place, it's lost it's appeal a little bit for me.  Plus, honestly, I'm not prepared to pay the prices, no matter how lovely it is.  

I'm not averse to a bit of second-hand Cath though.  Not often, but occasionally her things can be found in charity shops or car boot sales.  The zippered pouch and purse above were recent charity shop finds, each for a couple of pounds, never used.  They were tucked away behind other stock, but my eagle eyes spotted them from a mile off.  The purse is great for loose change for the car boot sales.

These two book bags were also charity shop finds quite a while back, I think they were 50p and £1 respectively.  I use one for my flask, water and snacks I take when going booting, (they don't hold a great deal so stops me from being a piggy) and the other to hold all the other bags I take for my booty.

The mini chest of drawers is an exception, I bought it in the online sale a couple of years ago, they are very coveted and I was lucky as they went quickly.

The smaller cup was 50p at a table top sale, I don't use it as it's far too small for a decent cuppa, the larger one Mr. Bloom bought for me at the garden centre so I could have one large cup of tea rather than keep refilling smaller mugs.  It doesn't count as I didn't buy it myself.

I've also found fabrics and toiletries, an elephant doorstop, teapot and laundry bag, which I've sold on, and the famous CK for Tesco shopper bags.  I have a couple of them but don't often use them as everyone and their dog seems to have one, not that I'm a snob or anything ;-)   I'm always amazed that anyone would give a Cath item away, but it's not everyone's taste and I assume they were unwanted gifts.  It is possible to get Cath on a budget, you just have to be patient and look long and hard. 

I do occasionally buy her fabrics and wallpaper from the outlet shop, and stationery from gift shops but these are for crafting purposes so don't count either.  Nor do books, if bought from Amazon, of which I have several.  Oh, and then there was that time I went to the shop in Bath and bought a pin box and some badges...and the stationery box I bought on holiday.  OK, so maybe I have bought a few bits for myself.  Hardly anything really though.

On another note, will someone please tell this week to slow down, it's going far too fast.  Not that I don't want the weekend to come, but I've still got soooo much to do before then.  Come to think of it this year could take a hint too.  As for this month -  I  know you've only just started, but please don't be in a rush.

Thank You.