Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Glass Slipper

Actually, not a glass slipper, rather a china shoe, but that just didn't have the same ring about it for a blog title.

I bought a couple of souvenir china shoes, both the same though not a pair.  One was perfect, the other not so much, so one to sell and one to keep.  I didn't particularly mind the imperfection for myself,  but during a spare five minutes I thought I'd give it a little makeover.

A little ribbon and lace to cover the repair.

The same on the toe for balance.  The ribbon came from a french greeting card and graduates from green to white and perfectly matches the colours in the shoe.

I was going to fill it with flowers but decided since the shoe itself is now busy enough, one large paper flower would do.

Today I've being doing a little harvesting - more on that soon, now it's time to enjoy the last few hours of the weekend (boo-hoo!)