Saturday 11 September 2010

Shady Lady

I was hovering about on my landing today watching the sky and deliberating whether to hang out the washing as there had been several showers in the morning and the grey clouds were still lurking.

 So as I deliberated I snapped a few shots, like you do.  I am frequently moving things about around the house, but the top of the stairs seems to have escaped my attention - not in a bad way, I like this way this corner looks and don't feel inclined to change it.  The curtains are a lovely rose design from Danish designer Lene Bjerre, I bought the fabric on Ebay some years ago - I think it's discontinued now.  I don't know its name but Kate Forman has a similar design called Roses, as do Waverly in the US - called Norfolk Rose.  I have nets at the window for modesty as our neighbour's landing window is directly opposite.

The huge mirror, a bargain charity shop find already shabbified (painted white) is draped with flowers and fairies.

It's difficult to get a good picture of a window, the lady and her canine companions are looking rather shady.

Placing a board behind does the trick.  I've managed to keep this windowsill relatively uncluttered, unlike the rest of the house.

This little pooch is very threadbare, all the more lovable for it.  I try to have a rule now that for anything I buy for myself, something else has to go, but I don't think I could ever part with this guy.

The elegant chalkware lady is another firm favourite.

In the end, the washing did get hung out, and dried nicely thank you very much.  Better weather tomorrow thankfully as I'm selling at Castle Coombe car boot sale.   Hopefully I'll get to do a bit of buying too.  With that in mind, must get off to bed - toodle pip!