Thursday, 29 November 2007

News in Brief

This week I have been making these

(to take to my craft stall in Marlborough)

Met a friend here

and enjoyed this

and thrifted these:

(shopping in Cirencester)

Oh, the pink teapot...

I couldn't resist the pink teapot - I just love it! (can you blame me?)


  1. Oh Lucy,
    What a scrummy day you have had.
    The teapot is beautiful and i don't blame you at all,your other finds look lovely too.
    Jacks looks like a nice place to pop in for a cappucino and bakewell slice,nice color paint outside.
    Last but not least your the goodies you made are beautiful,some lucky someone will be opening these on christmas day i suspect.

  2. I have soooooo many teapots but I don't think even I could've resisted that gorgeous pink number!


  3. Mrs B - your things you made for your stall are gorgeous - do you sell them on the net?? I adore your teapot I would have to have had it as well! I got a little noddy teapot today for 99p it is a little damaged on the lid but so lovely I shall photograph it and post it. There were some nice things today in Thirsk Charities but my husband was right at the moment we dont need to pack anything else ( so I sneaked in the teapot whilst he called in the Gents!)

  4. I'm back is the bin decoupaged? and the box painted??

  5. What lovely little crafts,
    you busy, busy little bee,
    Now you found that teapot,
    sit back with a nice cuppa tea!

  6. I don't blame you at all Lucy and I love the Lilac decoration too.
    I heard on the local news that Marlborough High Street was evacuated today, due to a smelly fridge in a pub?!!!
    I do hope to make it there sometime soon and will pop into the craft centre to look (and hopfully buy!) some of your lovely hand made goodies. (Good job we didin't go today!)

  7. Your goodies are so pretty! And the teapot is gorgeous - you couldn't leave it behind could you?

  8. Hi..I'm bj, I just found your lovely blog and I am so glad to meet you.
    First off, your snack looks delicious! And, those thrift finds...oh, my, they are so pretty. That teapot is just about the prettiest one I've seen anywhere!
    Pls. drop by my place when you have time...I'll sure come back by to see you!

  9. Hello Lucy
    What a lovely collection of goodies you have for your stall.. I am sure they will sell very well.
    The tea pot is very pretty and an unusual shape.. have you christened it yet with a nice brew!
    Maybe we will get to Marlbourough again soon and come and see you and hopefully I'll get that elusive cup of tea and sticky bun at Polly's Tea Rooms.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Thanks for the comments I love that pink teapot and all your home made things.

  11. GASP! It's all amazing! I just hopped over from Sophie's and I'm so glad that I did. I haven't thrifted anything that gorgeous for a long time. But... God did provide a Christmas gift for my son that would've been rather expensive in the store so I'm not going to complain. I hope to have some time later to read some of your other posts. Blessings... Polly

  12. Thanks very much for your reply - I will check you blog first - every day!! I have been internet shopping on ebay and other sites rather than joining the throng at the moment.

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Lucy x